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COM Fashion Friday- little girl jeans-turned skirt

 before, floods and thin knees.

Finished. NOW’ its by no means perfect, in fact  you can see in the bottom two pics that the skirt wasn’t cut exactly straight, nor was it sewn perfectly straight… HA! just PLEASE REMEMBER I am a {newbie sewer} I AM SO LOVING IT, AND TRIAL IN ERROR will happen. I think this will just be a  play skirt…. but it was fun to keep playing seamstress.

The hair clip “Vintage Hollywood” is in my etsy shop

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3 thoughts on “COM Fashion Friday- little girl jeans-turned skirt

  1. She is adorable and love the hair! The skirt looks great but I wish you had a pic of it from the front on her. The last side one is cute but the first side one is really hard to make out the skirt.

  2. She sure is cute. Here is a sewing tip, just if you try more. Flip the jeans inside out and sew the fabric to the inside of the jeans. Then the raw edge of the fabric is hidden. Good job.

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