Sassy Girly Picture Gallery Wall with Krylon paint Giveaway

Here is Miss Priss’s Picture Gallery Wall
all the frames I have had for years, they were all gold before.  I spray painted them with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze. Thank you so much Krylon. With my Home Decor Cricut cartridge I cut out the chandelier and the birdies. With my Platinum Schoolbook Cricut cartridge I cut out the “A” and the sayings.

The Girly Gil tin sign I did not make I had it.

 the pictures of Arabella were taken by B. Couture Photography.

AND NOW FOR THE KRYLON “6” Can’s of your choice GIVEAWAY
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  1. Love this!

  2. I’m a follower!

  3. The gallery wall is so fun! Beautiful color!

  4. Holy cow, I love it!!

  5. I’m a follower!

  6. now follow you on FB (stay gowen tucker)

  7. I LOVE this wall gallery! would never have thought of that!

  8. and I tweeted about this! ^^

  9. I’m a follower!

  10. I went to Krylon’s campaign and also liked them on FB.

  11. Already follow COM

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  13. I love love love this sassy wall. Perfect for my 4-year old.

  14. I’m a follower!

  15. I Rock x2 b/c I’m liking you on FB lol

  16. I’m loving your gallery wall…gives me all sorts of ideas for my 4 girlies!

  17. Avid COM follower 🙂


  18. COM Facebook fan 🙂 (Stephanie White)


  19. I just posted on FB (under Sleepytime Productions) about your awesome gallery wall & giveaway 😀

  20. LOVE the wall!! I may just need to do something like this for my little sassy pants!


  21. Love me some spray paint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I follow!

  23. I follow on facebook!

  24. i visited krylon’s site!

  25. i do rock ~ i follow c-o-m!! 🙂

  26. oh i lurve it a lot! i’m hiding the idea away for when my little one moves to a big girl room!

  27. I follow COM!!


  29. I. LOVE. SPRAY PAINT! I have quite the collection going, but I’m always accepting more! 🙂 I’m a follower via GFC.

  30. I visited their web site…LOVE me some spray paint!

  31. I’m a follower via RSS!

  32. I’m a fan on FB!

  33. I LOVE the gallery wall! The color combo is perfect.

  34. I tweeted about the giveaway (@sarahsmyers):!/sarahsmyers/status/85069878372990978

  35. Visited Krylon’s site – so many awesome ideas! Now I just need some spray paint… 😉

  36. I’m a proud COM follower!

  37. Following COM on FB

  38. I ABSOLUTELY love, lOvE, LOOOVE this wall!! Great job!!

  39. Tweeted the giveaway!

  40. I’ll be linking up the other half of my “fancy” outfit tonight at the party! 🙂

  41. I’m a follower!

  42. I like you on FB.

  43. I like the wall. I think the pink and blue go together perfectly.

  44. Love the colours! My daughter wants her grown up girl room these colours! Thanks for sharing!

  45. Love your wall, and great project ideas on their site!

  46. I’m a follower!

  47. and a liker too 🙂

  48. I visited the site and pinned it so that I can link up! I have a project im working on using their fusion spray paint! 🙂

    And I LOOOVE this wall gallery! So cute.. I think I need to make something similar for my daughters room!

  49. I am a long time follower of COM!

  50. I am a new follower on FB! (Agape Love Designs)

  51. Um I LOOOOVE this gallery wall! Like I said in an above comment.. Im gonna have to do this for my daughters room.. and maybe even make a more boyish one for my sons room too! Thats how much Im loving it! 🙂

  52. Paint paint paint! Makes me squeal!! I love to paint!
    I’m following!

  53. I shared on facebook!

  54. That gallery wall is seriously awesome. I just pinned it. I’m on a quest to create my own gallery wall this summer.

    (coleybelle at gmail dot com)

  55. I’m a COM follower.

    (coleybelle at gmail dot com)

  56. I follow COM on FB.

    (coleybelle at gmail dot com)

  57. Fabulous collage, Jen! I just made an account so I can start linking up my projects. Too fun!

  58. I follow the COM blog!

  59. FB follower!

  60. Lots and LOTS of love for your gallery wall!

  61. I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime, but I just became a real follower just for this Krylon give away!!

  62. I’m a facebook follower now!

  63. I’m a COM follower now!

  64. I follow your blog!!!

  65. I like COM of FB!

    Maria 🙂

  66. I like COM of FB!

    Maria 🙂

  67. I LOVE this gallery wall! Blue Ocean Breeze is my favorite Krylon color. I’m looking at your pic…looking at my oh-so-brown gallery wall and looking at my can of paint…wheels are turning 😉


  68. I LOVE this gallery wall! Blue Ocean Breeze is my favorite Krylon color. I’m looking at your pic…looking at my oh-so-brown gallery wall and looking at my can of paint…wheels are turning 😉


  69. I posted the giveaway on my FB wall 🙂


  70. I posted the giveaway on my FB wall 🙂


  71. I follow you

  72. I follow you on FB

  73. This is awesome! I am doing something similar with my daughter’s Kaya’s room. Now if I only had a Silhouette to cut out the vinyl letters and images 🙂

  74. Oh and I visited Krylon’s website. I am going to sign up to post about my own project I want to do 🙂

  75. I visited the Krylon site!

  76. I follow you.

  77. That is SO cute!! I’ll have to file this away for when the little girls are older and ready to be done with butterflies.

  78. I like COM on FB.

  79. I love your gallery wall a lot! That color really pops.

  80. I already follow your blog

  81. I already follow on facebook.

  82. I’m following you! *like that doesn’t sound creepy lol.

  83. I’m also stalking your facebook =)

  84. The frames are gorgeous, love the colour you chose! I love the detail on the frame for the A and the girly girl sign is fabulous =)

  85. I linked up a couple of patriotic projects to COM Monday. 🙂

  86. I’m a very happy follower! Love this wall and that’s one of my favorite colors too!

  87. I follow you on Facebook!

  88. I checked out the Krylon campaign and ma now obsessed with it!

  89. I puffy heart love your gallery wall! And I have that Cricut cartridge too and could totally pull this off! Thanks for the inspiration!

  90. And I linked up to you party! Thanks for hosting!

  91. Following you on Facebook!!

  92. I also linked to your party!!! Love your blog!!

  93. Love me some COM!!! Blog follower!!

  94. I love what you did with this wall!! Your daughter is too cute!!
    And… I LOVE me some Krylon Spray Paint!!

  95. I linked up to the party.

  96. Just letting you know I linked up to your party!! 🙂

  97. I’ve linked up a DIY to your linky party 🙂


  98. I’ve linked up a DIY to your linky party 🙂


  99. Visited the site! Sooo many cute ideas 🙂


  100. I’m totally a follower of COM! Love your blog!!


  101. I follow COM on FB!

  102. Your DIY gallery wall is too cute! I love the chandelier !

  103. I tweeted about the giveaway!
    (Southerndollie is my twitter name)

  104. love the gallery wall colors and ideas!

  105. blog follower 🙂

  106. follower on FB 🙂

  107. FB Follower 🙂

  108. I more than LURVE this gallery! This is the best blue for sure!

  109. I totally follow your blog 🙂

  110. and lastly, I linked up! 🙂

  111. I follow COM on FB!

  112. Love the gallery wall! The colors are perfect! I love repainting things and adding vinyl too!

  113. follower and follower on fb i love the wall 🙂

  114. I visited Krylon’s site – Love!!

  115. I gladly follow your blog!! 🙂

  116. I follow you on FB – Love!!

  117. The gallery wall rocks!! 🙂

  118. Oh, I love the Krylon Project link up! I signed up for it months ago 🙂

  119. As for the gallery wall… LOVE the colors you used! What girl wouldn’t love to show off THAT cuteness? Her room will be the envy of her friends!

  120. Hi Jen
    I’m a new follower of your wonderful creative blog! Also signed up for the email list.

  121. And, yes, of course I follow COM 🙂

  122. Hi again
    Just linked up to your COM Monday linky party. Thanks for hosting. My project is a summery “fun in the sun” photo frame. Hope you can come by for a visit at

  123. One more thing….I REALLY like your frame gallery — so much in fact, I might just need to borrow the idea…

  124. Visited Krylon’s site, very cool! 🙂

  125. I’m already a follower of your cute blog! 🙂

  126. I’m a fan of COM on fb!

  127. Linked up to your linky party with my nautical striped pillow!

  128. Just adore your daughter’s gallery wall!! Perfect colors!! Its totally inspiring me to create my own gallery wall! 🙂

  129. Im a follower!

  130. Love the wall gallery! The colors are so cute and I love the idea of putting a frame around vinyl!!

  131. Lots of ideas linked up on the Krylon site! Love their spray paint and would love to win this giveaway!

  132. I Follow you on Facebook.

  133. I Love the Gallery wall. Awesome color!

  134. Love the Krylon site! Love the paint colors….so many to choose from! Thanks for the chance.

  135. That Krylon site is pretty cool!! I had fun there! 🙂

  136. I follow COM! 🙂

  137. I follow you on FB! 🙂

  138. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE this wall! Looks FABULOUS! 🙂

  139. Shared on FB and tagged you in the post! 🙂

  140. I linked up!!! 🙂

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