Painted trim vases for simple Topiaries

{{meet the topiary twins.}}
HERE IS THE BEFORE- $1.00 drink glasses I used as vases from Tai Pan Trading.
I taped them all around leaving a little bit larger then a 1 inch space at the top.. aka THE TRIM. Oh’ and Ryky played with his Star Wars ship while I taped.

I used the rest of my Glossy “Ivy Leaf” Krylon spray paint and sprayed them both.

Next I used some styrofoam that I shoved down in the glasses stuck a distressed inked dowel in each glass, and topped them with plastic topiary balls that I just sat on the tops of the dowels.

just that bit of trim around the top just made it so much better, and more finished looking to me.

 and RYKY totally approved of the new look. (excuse his just woken nap time head.)

 and you can see the one topiary next to my painted star.  I AM SO GOING GREEN… WELL kinda..winks.

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  1. Where did you get the shelf for above the window?

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