Framed {Chevron Painted Burlap w/ Family Initials}

I am sure you may be freaking out over the frame… the same way I was when I saw it. winks. I got it at a store called Ace Hardware in my local town. They have a home decor section and there was this beacon of beauty staring back at me shining its gorgeous glossy black shine… flaunting buy me.. buy me.. buy me….. AND…. I DID!

for the inside….. I used the acrylic paint color you see above mixed with a little fabric medium. I taped my Chevron pattern with painters tape and then sponge painted the paint on with a foam brush. Let dry and peel off.

With some thin black foam letters I picked out the initials for all the members of my family to place in the frame.

 and THAT WAS it.

Its going on my entry table with the rest of the new home decor colors… Krylon Catalina Mist, and Ivy Leaf. I will show you all the entry table’s new look, as soon as my lamp is completed. Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait for C.O.M. MONDAY tomorrow evening WINKS-jen
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