DIY- {Framed Wall Goodness}

My mums and sis…

have said things to me like… Ummm, “So jen what are you going to do with that frame on your wall?” OR.. So what are you going to put in the frame jen? Or… when are you going to finish this wall?” 

HA! SO THE MUM AND SIS totally know me..
However, what they are really trying to say is “I can’t believe Jen didn’t finish this wall months ago, that isn’t like her!” LOL! Really they would and have never pressured me with projects or anything of the sort. They just know how I am, and that I can’t leave anything un-finished. Call it OCD IDK. winks. Truly I had no desire to put work into it with a bean growing in the belly. Now that said “PORK ROAST” is here and during one of his long nap’s (bliss) I decided to finish the wall…. while the other rodents were entertaining themselves.


AND AFTER! -happy MUM HAPPY sis!-

The picture frames came that cool shabby color- from the $dollar store last year, I know how Marvy right? 🙂
the moss “L” I traced the letter on foam board and cut it out with an xacto knife, spray painted it green, and hot glued “3” different faux mosses to it. 
the Dream Burlap sign I got at Tai Pan Trading.
The white shabby metal tin I bought at a store and painted it white and roughed it up a bit.
the black poem plaque I got at a store called Krumpets in S. Utah, I embellished it with burlap flowers I hot glued on. 
The metal rustic star I got at the S. Utah mall in a Vinyl Home Decor store a few years ago, (forget the store name.)
and the mini burlap canvases are from Canvas Corp. and I embellished them as well.
Tip Junkie handmade projects

Linking up with tatertots & jello for weekend wrap up party here.  


  1. Aw this is really pretty. I love the arrangement and all the little details!

  2. I really like this idea! Framing the smaller pieces makes it all look like art in that confined space.

  3. What an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing this one…

  4. Way cute!!!

  5. that looks great! i love the simplicity and order, yet it’s still gallery wall like.

  6. Luv it! What a creative way to use and empty frame! One project to remember! Thanks for sharing…

  7. So pretty! A super fun arrangement!

  8. Love it! It looks fabulous!

  9. Beautiful!! You did a fabulous job!

  10. Love it. It looks great.

  11. This is greatness at it’s finest!

  12. Shy said with a smile: She busted my bubble .. I was sure June Clever was a cafter. I knew THIS gal had it all .. clean house, neatly dressed children, and always dressed to the nines.
    Ya busted my bubble and I love you all the more for it.
    The project is good too.

  13. I LOVE how this turned out! Really awesome!

    I love the plates on either side of the large frame as well. Did you do those yourself? I didn’t see them mentioned in the run down of where everything came from.

  14. Jen, I love LOVE LOOOOVE this! Wow, it is gorgeous. I’m going to link up to it on my site. And I enjoy how you put your trademark L in the vignette! 🙂 ~Lori

  15. I love this and want it for my home!!! I’ve been looking for a frame like this to do a necklace holder frame, but now I have a new purpose….. Now to just find the perfect frame!

    Thanks for sharing! And the nursing whilst blogging is priceless! That is a GREAT shot and shows real life!

  16. So cute! I love it!

  17. Oh I LOVE this!! What a great idea!

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