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I made these “SWEET POTS OF GOLD” for my “3” kiddos. I first cut a basket shape out from my cricut cartridge Doodlecharms. I had to alter it a bit by cutting off some basket looking sides, to make it look more like a pot. I also would of used just black paper but didn’t have any. Once I altered the baskets, now pots… I stapled the two pieces together leaving the top open.

 I stuffed cut green tissue paper down in the pots and filled them with GOLD AKA ROLO’S! mmmm!

 You most certainly can fill them with the gold chocolate coins, but for me they cost to much for so little. Besides ROLO’S are way better. winks!
and so my kids know that THEY HAVE THEIR OWN……. I MADE ONE JUST FOR ME……..
THANKS A BUNCH FOR STOPPING BY, your love and comment’s are like GOLD… or chocolate. xo jen
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30 thoughts on “KIDS TREAT- "SWEET" Pot of GOLD!

  1. I am so ahhhhem borrowing this idea for my kindergarten class! Tom my leprechaun friend will leave this pot o’ gold and a green strand of beads! Looks like he and I will be busy this weekend! Thanks for the idea!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. This is a great idea! I actually have gold coins because “Santa” forgot to put them in the kiddos’ stockings this past Christmas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this idea and love your blog. Just stumbled across it this morning! If you have time, please consider stopping by my blog and becoming a follwer too. I’m a newbie and would love the support. Thanks!!


  4. I love this idea especially with the rolos. I like to do fun little “parties” for just our home family and this will be nice to put on our dinner plates. The kids will love them-and me too!!

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