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Eyebrows- PHASE ONE…

YOU GUYS CAN LAUGH AT ME OR TEASE ME… BUT I am obsessed now over my eyebrows… I stare at eyebrows when I go out in public, when I watch tv, when I pass a magazine…. when I browse the beauty products and stare at all the models/actresses … its now my new obsession. I have to have the perfect shape, length and color. I have gone through all my fashion Friday pics. posts I used to do on Larsenloves and have studied my eyebrows there too…..

SO I purchased Maybelline’s dark brown eye brow pencil, (P.S. MY HAIR ALTHOUGH, my look black… it is not. Its dark brown with some auburn in it.) that I mixed in some black too with a soft blending pointed eyeliner sponge. If you look closely at my BEFORE pics. then afters.. you will see that my NOW brows aren’t as light aka blonde (I used to be blonde, blonde my whole life!) and there not as long nor square. NOW- they are rounded, shorter, and darker… THIS IS PHASE ONE.. I am not sure I have found the perfect color yet, I am not to pleased with the color still. Also I will continue on the shape as well. IT WILL BE A CRAFT I WILL PERFECT SOON! winks!





THIS eyebrow obsession is still not over, I am still not 100% pleased, and I refuse to see a professional. HA! So I will keep hitting and missing! I hope I find y’all humoring me…. eek!

ALSO, to the anonymous commenter that started my obsession (truly no harm no foul- i need to get this right with my eyebrows) I read your apology and realize you weren’t out to hurt or offend. I fully accept your sincere apology and appreciate you for taking the time to apologize. jen- and Thanks for stopping by.

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33 thoughts on “Eyebrows- PHASE ONE…

  1. Hope I’m not being mean or anything. I like the after shape but still not the color. I think you need to add just a lil bit of an arch so that they don’t look like you just painted a line across your forehead. But not so much of an arch that you look like you’re in a constant state of surprise. I’m no brow expert by any means heck mine are naturally arched & I just have to tweeze a bit to keep from looking like the unibrow baby on the Simpsons lol. Ok mine are thick but I really don’t have a unibrow lol

  2. ok, much better with the rounding. i think you look great.
    I would think about a bit of an arch.
    DONT obsess though…………

  3. Yep, muuuuch better. The ends closest to your nose need to be rounded and shortened a smidge more. BTW – Your eye color is to die for!!

  4. I feel out of the loop because I missed your first post. Why are you obsessed with your brows? What happened to your natural brows. My brows are a nightmare! I try to wax them myself and they look all wonky and don’t match! I hate it because they frame my eyes. I like your second look in terms of the roundedness and color but agree with one of the comments that you need some arch. I need some eyebrow help myself so I am going to be keeping an eye on your progress for tips! I think I need to add some to my ends, since I have waxed too much off and they end too early. But, I would I am curious as to what your whole story is.

  5. I have eyebrow problems,I found a new eyebrow pencil, my coloring in hair and skin tones are the same as yours. It is by Clinique it is called Instant Eyebrow Lift, in deep brown! It is perfect for me! Give it a try.

  6. first of all, you’ve gotta be secure in yourself! If you sit there & stare at your eyebrows- they’ll never seem perfect to you! However, they’re so important to pulling your whole look togeter & making you looked polished. I think that the after shape is great, I would aso suggest going a big darker, they look light still- might be the lighting in the pictures though. Also, I went to MAC & had them do mine up, now instead of purchasing makeup from them I get it at Target or whatever- but atleast they’ll set you on the right path!

  7. I, too, have suffered with an eyebrow obsession. I used to spend so much time DAILY plucking and combing my brows. As soon as one new hair had grown in, I was there to pluck it out! I have somehow, over time, gotten a better handle on it & it’s truly a wonder I have any brows left! I like the curves. Now, just try to accept how beautiful you are and realize that all in all, it’s not as big of a deal as it feels sometimes.

  8. Your so cute! I love the eyebrows too! I am trying to grow mine out at the moment, the last time I got them threaded, they made it way too thin πŸ™
    Do you have any suggestions to make it grow faster?

  9. I used to obsess over eyebrows too. Always messing with mine {trying to get them perfect} and never succeeded πŸ™ and wishing for someone else’s. I got mine tattooed on. Yep, you read that right. I was FREAKED OUT when I did it, and now am SO glad I did. The first week was ROUGH, I thought I made a HUGE mistake. It literally looked like I took a sharpie and drew them on, they were SO dark. But, they told me after a week I would be completely relieved and happy (color fades about 70%). I highly recommend it once you do perfect the shape you want. SO worth it to not have to mess with it.

    New follower πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve totally done that before. I will pluck away and stare at them in the mirror and then look at other peoples…TOO FUNNY! I think eyebrows are the strangest looking things on our faces! I like the new color. I think you look great either way. Great job! YOu brow crafter YOU!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  11. Honestly I think that your natural eyebrows are beautiful. I don’t think that you should change them. If you were to do anything maybe just color them. I really think you rocked your eyebrows, they honestly look model like and so do you. I hope you do what makes you happy.

    I know how it is to be obsessed with brows cause mine are bushman like if I don’t pluck (OUCH) but you have amazing shape.

  12. I should show you a picture of my eyebrows at the moment! I had two not great eyebrow waxings in a row so I am growing them completely out. They are S-C-A-R-Y!

    I will say that if you have a professional do them once, they are pretty easy to maintain. I sure do miss living in AZ where my SIL would wax them for me every other Sunday.

  13. You are beautiful any way you look at it! When it comes to getting a perfect arch, in my opinion (for however much that matters) πŸ™‚ Threading is the only way to go! Crisp line, perfect arch, and WAAAYYY less maintenance than plucking, and not sticky or gross like wax. Plus wax makes me break out. I don’t know if you have tried the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil. But I think it is the “BOMB” πŸ˜‰ Blessings <3 Paula

  14. You have the most beautiful features! Gorgeous woman! I totally obsess about my eyebrows, too πŸ™‚ Do you ever watch What Not to Wear? Carmindy, the lady that does the make-up portion of the show, said your eyebrow should be right in line with the inside of your eye (your tear duct area). Ever since I saw that, I’ve tried to line mine up that way. I’m not a makeup artist so I just go with the pro’s suggestion – I feel safer that way – Ha ha! Good luck with finding your perfect brows. I think you look gorgeous either way πŸ™‚

  15. You are indeed a pretty lady with beautiful eyes. I think the comments about starting in line with your tear ducts are a good idea.

    I fell in love with Lisa Eldrige and her tutorial videos. She has a lovely accent and FANTASTIC tutorial makeup videos and she tells you every product she uses. You just happen to be in luck as she has one for her brow routine. Take a peek and I think it will help you get ideas. http://www.lisaeldridge.com/video/13333/my-brow-routine/

  16. I am a new follower from Cinnaberry Suite and just had to comment!

    I am obessed with my eyebrows too! I was born with dark thick unruly dark eyebrows and finally when I got married (yikes) I went and had them professionally shapen. I loved them and I couldn’t believe what a big change it made to my whole face. Anywho..I had my eyebrows waxed for years until I had to take some medication for ezcema and the wax started to irrate my skin. Sorry long story..but I now do my own and use Anatasia brow kit they have shaper templates for your blows and I LOVE IT! It’s TOTALLY worth the pretty penny I spent. You can check it out here. Good luck!

  17. Just wanted to say—-if you are unhappy with how the pencil works, you might try Anastaisia dual brow powder. It is kind of pricey– $22.00 but I love it and somedays that is all I do is my eyebrows. You will be able to mix the color a little better maybe than a pencil. I have the brush that she sells too. My mom bought them for me as a gift, and she says it lasts forever!

    Good Luck! =)

  18. I am a little eyebrow obsessed myself, but I see a professional…about the brows, not the obsession.

    But honestly I hardly notice your brows because your eye color is amazing.

  19. The after looks SO much better! I am glad you rounded the ends towards your nose because when I first seen the before picture that was my instant thought. With all do respect, I think you could get away with making them even thinner at the thickest part of your eye. I completely understand your dilemma I too am obsessed with my eyebrows and do I dare mention I get chin hair too..pluck pluck pluck…seems like I do this so much during the day lol

  20. You’re beautiful no matter how you do your brows, although I do really like the new look. They just fit better with the rest of your pretty face. I have thick, dark brows that I have waxed every time I have my hair done. I’m lucky I manage to get those other irritating facial hairs plucked on my own:)

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