Follow the Rainbow for some Lucky Treasure!

I AM SO DANG EXCITED FOR ST. PATTY’S! I have been working on and finishing up a treasure hunt today, that my kids will be going on tomorrow. I wanted to share it with you all in case you decide to do the same. These kinds of projects make me the most happy!!! when its about your children its truly the best.
I filled a small sauce pan (black pot) with green tissue paper and poured gold Rolos in it and added three baggies of gold coins. Then I filled small zip lock baggies with skittles and rainbow licorice then cut glittery card stock to size and folded and stapled it over the zip lock closure.

 I made a paper rainbow to sit on top of the pot of treasure! “YOU FOUND THE RAINBOW!”

 Then I made rainbow clues… because after all you have to FOLLOW THE RAINBOW…..

The clues are all written on the back.

I told the kids that they have to wake up tomorrow clean their rooms and put on their green clothes because they are going on a treasure hunt to find a “POT O GOLD”… I wish I could of freeze framed their faces and got some pictures…. when they heard me say that! I also hope to video tape their hunt and share it with you all. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY- xo jen
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