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All though I video taped the treasure hunt, its crazy and loud plus right when the kids got to the last clue right before the pot of gold… my time space on my phone camera ran out. “LAME!” NEEDLESS TO SAY IT WAS A HOOT of a time and THEY were skipping, running, and giggling from one clue to the next. Miss Priss said it was the “best day ever!” even though it was only 9:00 a.m. winks. Stinky- was just ohh’s and ahh’s and Bubu- loved all the clues and of course the skittles. 
I TOOK SOME PICS OF THEM RIGHT AFTER THEY DUG INTO THEIR TREATS, so please excuse Stinkies skittles drool! 😉 all YOU MOMS know how hard it is to get kids to all smile sit still and look at you for pics. I was saying “CHEESE” as loud and obnoxious as I could and Stinky and Bubu thought it was hilarious. Miss Priss looks like she is unsure and that her mom is crazy. ANYHOO- HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A SUPER ST. PATTY’S DAY!


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