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Guest Post- No Sew Ruffle Scarf

Jessica here from My World- Made by Hand
I am thrilled to be Guest Posting on CraftOManiac. 

Now I know y’all are going to

this one…cuz I sure do
You are NeVeR going to believe what it’s made of…
That’s right…a FrIgGiN’ T-sHiRt
What else will you need?
A dinner plate
Fabric glue
{{ignore the yellow pen..}}
Step 1 ~ Cut the sleeves off!
Step 2 ~ Cut the T down the middle {{like a zipper}}
Step 3 ~ Cut at the shoulders 
{{ you thought you were done cutting didn’t you ? }}
HA!  Not even close…
It should look like this…once it’s laid out
Step 4 ~ Place plate upside down on t-shirt.
Try to cut as close to the edges as you can. 
It’s a sLoPpY CiRcLe…but it does the job
I got {{ 7 }} circles out of  {{ 1 }} t-shirt
Step 5 ~ Cut each circle into a spiral
And I thought my circle was sloppy…sheesh
Step 6 ~ Hold each piece at the center and pull the tails through your fist.
This step will curl the edges
Step 7 ~ Group all of your pieces together. 
Adjust them so the lengths look fairly staggered but not too cRaZy.
Step 8 ~ Take an extra piece of the t-shirt and wrap around the center of the bunch…
Step 9 ~ Attach with fabric glue
Step 10 ~ Hold in place for a few seconds.  Let sit for about 5 minutes.
You can either leave as is….OR
I took another leftover piece and made a rosette. 
I attached it directly to the other
scrap with fabric glue.
And…vOiLa…you’ve got yourself a fAnTaBuLoUs scarf!
I like to add a little fRoStInG
{yes…I did make that clip}
Both look ToTaLlY aWeSoMe with a jacket…
{{ JeSsIcA }}

Thanks for the opportunity….Jennie.
THANK you Jessica for super cute scarf tutorial. Jen

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