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Eyebrows PHASE TWO… do we have a winner?


I have watched video links you have given me (only wishing I had eyebrows with enough hair to shape tweeze and mold, but I don’t!) I have checked out the eyebrow kit links, and I even bought the Revlon Fantasy Dark Brown Dual Eyebrow pencil that was recommended by Paula from Raising Home. I see what you mean Paula, I love this one so far. THANKS A BUNCH. I think for now this one is the winner, but I am still playing makeup artist. HE!  The color I am now using by Revlon looks super close to my hair color in person and in front of the mirror, however, when I take pictures it still seems to show up lighter. Oh’ Well. I am still trying to perfect my arch as well… but I feel I may have a winner. forgive the cleave, i am leaning in toward the mirror…. winks!

ALSO Pamela asked what kind of Foundation I use? I have always loved full coverage foundation by Mary Kay. However, the one I am loving and using now (in these pics.) is L’OREAL True Match Super-blendable compact makeup in light ivory. However, I also love L’OREAL infallible/classic ivory too. I adore L’OREAL makeup, and have been a huge fan of theirs for years, its good quality with out the department store prices. ITS BEEN fun ladies, I think its perfectly fine we talk makeup aka eyebrows here. After all makeup and painting are faces is totally a craft, taking a blank canvas and turning it into art is fun. WINKS! jen

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36 thoughts on “Eyebrows PHASE TWO… do we have a winner?

  1. this is my favorite so far. I prefer a softer brow.
    I have to say, I envy your problem a little bit, I have man brows and I am always trying to tweeze and trim them into submission, lol. you’re beautiful and with your glorious cleavage, no one will notice your brows ever again 😉

  2. I am tickled pink! You look fabulous. I am glad the Revlon worked out for you. I use quite a few of the colorstay products and just LOVE them. I have to say….I think you found a winner too! But as stated previously, You are a BEAUTIFUL woman regardless of eyebrow pencil ;)!! Many Blessings! <3 Paula

  3. I guess I never really got into the full eyebrow, using eyebrow pencil thing. I have always kept my eyebrows thin and that isn’t the “in” thing I suppose, but oh well. My hair WAS naturally blonde but now it is a medium brown but I keep it dark brown (almost black) when I get it dyed. I have BLACK eyebrows. It’s odd, I know. Anywho, don’t they say you’re eyebrows should be a shade lighter then your hair? Or maybe it’s darker. Anywho, I am not set on your color quite yet, but I am liking the shape more. I think they are looking exactly how I imagine you want them to look, so that is on the right track. :0) I don’t prefer eyebrow pencil though, but that’s just me with the black eyebrows talking lol

  4. You look like a different woman! I guess eyebrows do make a difference! I need to get to work on mine. I wish you had blonde hair so people could write in what products to use for blondes! I am clueless!

  5. I saw the previous post and agree with those that say this look is a winner! Less harsh than the original and the color looks great!

  6. I think you look great but I also know the Bare Minerals is awesome make-up and they also have an eyebrow kit.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I’m now a follower!

    This post is great and the brows look great too! Now I can’t stop running my fingers around my brows feeling for pluckable hairs 😀

  8. Could you get any more gorgeous??!!! Love the new color! Oh and I also am a huge fan of the Mary kay foundation! I use it as well and sell it now too, just because of how much I loved finding a perfect foundation!

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