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Valentine Cake Ball Treats

HAVE ANY OF YOU MADE Bakerella.com cake pops, cake balls, or cupcake bites? I have been dieing to make these forever… but just haven’t ever gotten the supplies. Well Valentines was the perfect time to do it. MAN THEY ARE DANG GOOD. My sis and I spent the day today making these. We did Devils food Cake with milk choc. melted candy and Strawberry Cake with Pink Vanilla flavored melted candy. DELISH! If you haven’t ever made them, I recommend doing it.

THE white paper heart bags are from Roberts Crafts in the wedding section. Then I cut cute v-day card stock paper to wrap around the boxes ad hearing the paper to the boxes using glue dots. I added a cut heart to the center alternating the paper patterns. Lastly, I tied grosgrain ribbon around one of the handles, and filled the inside with polka dot tissue paper and two choc. cake balls.

The clear plastic goodie bags I got a Roberts Crafts too. I cut paper to size and folded it over the bag and stapled it. 

My sis and I spent 12:00 noon until about 6:00 p.m. completing the cake balls. There are many different chilling the batter steps and so it took all day… BUT BOY’ are they so WORTH IT. I can’t get over the deliciousness of them all.

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4 thoughts on “Valentine Cake Ball Treats

  1. Jen – I loved the photos in this post. I almost didn’t click the link to Bakarella but at the last second I did (also clicked to follow you, which I *thought* I was doing but was just clicking you from my bar, where it is a permanent fixture, lol). I’m so glad I checked it out! Thanks for the tip, the recipes look amazing! and hey, you could send some of the ones you made over this way, they look delicious…

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