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Guest Post- Polka-Dot Umbrella

I am thrilled to be a guest on CraftOmaniac! My name is Jennifer and I am one out of a hand full of Authors at The Polka-Dot Umbrella. We have a fun and eclectic group that brings creative ideas to the table every day. I am excited to show you my Polka-Dot Tree Mural!

When we were looking around at homes my little girl Bethany told everyone that she was going to be getting a new PINK room. So, that left us with not many options, a PINK room it is.

One pink wall was plenty and I wanted to do something on another wall that pulled all the colors in. I found the perfect fabric for Bethany’s bedspread and blind coverings that had polka-dots. I am in love with the hip vinyl trees you see everywhere but I couldn’t find just the right thing I wanted so I decided I would make my own.

I got all my pots and pans lids, my biggest bowl and a tupperware lid and traced a bunch of circles onto butcher paper and then cut them out. I then taped all the circles to the wall and played with there location and how many I wanted. When I found just the right look I traced the circles onto the wall. I then sketched a trunk out of butcher paper and taped it onto the wall and made it just right and then traced it as well. I used my pink from the one wall in her room and the other paints where just a water based acrylic from Michaels. I used a few different sized paint brushes. The acrylic paint took 3-4 coats and the wall paint just took two. After it dried for a couple days I took a paint pen and drew stitches around each circle. The stitches really finished it nicely!! I used a brown stitch in the circles and a white stitch in the trunk.
And walla a tree that costed less than $10 and it fits perfectly in my little girls “PINK” room.

Thanks Polka Dot Umbrella for sharing your darling creative polka dot tree. Jen

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