Valentine Decor For My Kids Creative Space

Hello There- Today I am sharing how I dressed up my kids Creative/Homework Space. I added a simple Valentine saying that went with the coloring ability they have in their space, as well as the globe. I then added some fun Valentine garlands to the space, and some cut out “LOVE” letters I hung. Lastly […]

DIY Valentine Embellished Tray

Today on COM I am sharing this fun and easy DIY Valentine Embellished Tray. All the cute paper, little tags, and burlap (they carry tons of colored burlap) are from Canvas Corp. The tray is by 7 gypsies and can be found I believe at most craft stores.    Anyway, this was super fun and […]

Valentine Cards

Hello there today I am sharing with you some Valentine  Cards, I made for my daughters class and my sons class. I wanted to do something fun and something away from the traditional candy card, but it had to be something kids love too. My kids adore bouncy balls and sticky hands. In fact both […]

it’ a Heart Attack!

WARNING: you may have a Heart Attack! Today I am talking about a “Heart Attack.” Seriously, your heart won’t know what happened to it.. when you see all these DARLING AND TASTY “Heart” crafts, and recipes. I am telling you my Heart skipped a beat, I felt it palpitate, and even flutter. GRAB THE doctors […]

DIY Valentine Fabric Envelopes- and use them for a Valentine Advent

HEY GUYS, I am super excited to share this fun Valentine craft I made for  my kiddos. I have a tutorial and all. DON’T be afraid of sewing. HECK’ if I can do it, you can. I only do simple “SIMPLE” straight stitches.  This fun craft can be hung on your kids bedroom doors, or […]

{14} Favorite Valentine Wreaths

Hello There Friends- Today I am sharing a lovely round up of {14} Favorite Valentine Wreaths… that I just love! I hope you find these to inspire you in your Valentine Wreath Creating.  Enjoy! Valentine yarn and felt wreath at Fast Daze Source Here  Kisses and Hugs Wreath Source Here  Valentine Rosette Wreath at Our Best […]