DIY Valentine Fabric Envelopes- and use them for a Valentine Advent

HEY GUYS, I am super excited to share this fun Valentine craft I made for  my kiddos. I have a tutorial and all. DON’T be afraid of sewing. HECK’ if I can do it, you can. I only do simple “SIMPLE” straight stitches. 

This fun craft can be hung on your kids bedroom doors, or the kitchen table chairs, a shelf with pegs, or a mirror with hooks, etc. Many “MANY” options! I am going to hang them on our kitchen chairs, and they will represent a fun “ADVENT CALENDER.” Each day their will be a love note, a goodie, or both in their fabric/canvas envelopes. They will have a count down until “LOVE DAY!”

(the canvas I used to make these is from Canvas Corp. )



YOU’VE GOT love MAIL!!!!
Happy Crafting and Sewing.
xo jen

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