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Valentine Decor For My Kids Creative Space

Hello There- Today I am sharing how I dressed up my kids Creative/Homework Space. I added a simple Valentine saying that went with the coloring ability they have in their space, as well as the globe. I then added some fun Valentine garlands to the space, and some cut out “LOVE” letters I hung. Lastly I took a ABC craft paper, used an xacto blade, and traced and cut out the letter “O”. Then I added a different Valentine paper to the back, and lastly added a felt heart. So that the ABC paper would showcase the saying “I love U!” 
I think the space turned out pretty cute, its festive, fun for the kids, plus they can sit in the space and make Valentine cards if they want. 
Some of you may have seen this already, I shared it on Instagram about a week ago, but here is a better picture.
 10 + 4 = the 14th! 
If you have any questions on anything you see in the pictures, please ask and I will respond.
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visits.
Hugs, jen

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