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it’ a Heart Attack!

WARNING: you may have a Heart Attack! Today I am talking about a “Heart Attack.” Seriously, your heart won’t know what happened to it.. when you see all these DARLING AND TASTY “Heart” crafts, and recipes. I am telling you my Heart skipped a beat, I felt it palpitate, and even flutter. GRAB THE doctors GRAB THE  nurses, YOU WILL NEED EXTRA Oxygen…. because… Today, COM is serving up a “Heart Attack!”

Here you go…
Heart Macaroons Source here
DIY  Heart baby Leg Warmers Source here
 Heart Shaped Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats Source here
Up-cycled Sweet Heart Pillows Source here
 Sweet Heart Pops Source here
 Paper Valentine Candy Filled Hearts Source here

 Cream Cheese & Cherry Heart Pastries Source here
 DIY Valentine Heart Fabric Envelopes Source here 
DIY Frozen Milk Hearts Source here
DIY Valentine Heart Scrap Fabric Wreath Source here
Heart Valentine Brownies Source here
Dolled up Heart & Dollie Mason Jars on Mantel Source here
Marshmallow Heart Valentines Day Treats Source here
Now I sure hope none of you suffered from a Heart Attack 😉 or Heart palpation’s today. Instead, I hope your heart is healthy and happy especially after seeing this “HEART” roundup. 

Have a good day! 

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