A Handmade Valentine with Elmer’s Craft Tote Giveaway

Hey Friends A few weeks ago Elmer’s contacted me and asked if I would love to create something(s) using their AWESOME CRAFT SUPPLIES? They would send me a “Craft Supply Tote” to use to help me get my CRAFT ON! THEY WOULD ALSO let me GIVE ONE CRAFT Supply TOTE AWAY! WOOOOOOOP! I have to […]

Bubs and Bella’s "SWEET" Valentine Cards

Since my “Snickers Valentine” idea I created last year for my daughter, I was determined this year to do something just as clever and fun. I think I did pretty well and I am tickled with them, but MOST OF ALL…. MY KIDS ADORE THEM. My sister however, totally gets credit for the cute saying’s. […]

hand made VALENTINES- from the Miss Priss

   Last year I jumped on the ban wagon like so many and made those cute 3D lollipop photo Valentines HERE. Anyway, I made them for my BUBU last year for his Second grade class. He doesn’t want any fussy ones this year (to cool) So I decided to do something cute for Miss Priss. […]

Make Sweet {Photo} Valentines

Taking creative photos of your kids is a great way to send “Sweet Valentines” to grandma and grandpa! Just snap some fun pics. and edit them in Picasa or Photo Shop, or whatever you use to edit. Add some fun text, print and send.