hand made VALENTINES- from the Miss Priss

Last year I jumped on the ban wagon like so many and made those cute 3D lollipop photo Valentines HERE. Anyway, I made them for my BUBU last year for his Second grade class. He doesn’t want any fussy ones this year (to cool) So I decided to do something cute for Miss Priss. I used the lollipop photo cards as my inspiration and came up with MY OWN IDEA- THAT I AM PRETTY TICKLED WITH, and that DO MAKE ME SNICKER! winks

I took pics. of Miss Priss, then in Picasa 3 added the text “I like you, you make me SNICKER!” printed pics. at Wallyworld for $2.02 bought some mini snickers. Then cut card stock to the size I wanted, used a glue stick to glue the pic. to the paper, used mini glue dots to ad hear the snickers to the pic. card and stapled “3” different ribbons to the one side.

P.S. I don’t think there is anything cuter then little girls telling secrets, giggling or {snickering} because something was silly or funny…. or because they {heart} some boy! WINKS- thanks for stopping by. xo jen

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  1. those are sooo cute! I made the 3D lollipops last year too! Check out my blog and see the ones I made this year, I LOVE them!

  2. super super super cute!! you little lady is adorable! Great idea jen…thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow those are so adorable!!! I love it! I wish I still had little ones so I could copy you!

  4. You always have CUTE ideas!

  5. So super cute!!

  6. Love it! Sadly I don’t have kids… but maybe I will do it for myself… 28 is not too old to hand out valentines to friends is it?! 😉
    Thanks for continuing to share fun ideas!

  7. Oh my cuteness! I love this idea! So clever!

  8. That’s waayy cute! I bet she has the best valentines in the class!

  9. Precious!

  10. So creative and cute! ~Alana~

  11. OMG! What a cute idea!

  12. This is lovely! You have a great blog. I am hosting a giveaway on my blog…hope to see you there:-) hugs Anu

  13. Such a cute idea! Love it!

  14. Clever and beyond cute!

  15. Love it! Added this to one of my Valentine Round Ups! Thanks for sharing.


  16. very very cute and so sweet an idea. Love it!

  17. I know I have said this before But I don’t care! Your Children are so very blessed to have you as a mother! You clearly love your kids so much! And make so many darling things for them and w/ them!!! I adore these Valentines!! They are so cute!!! Love it sis!!!

  18. These are so cute! What a fun personalized valentine to give to someone.

  19. These are creative and adorable and personally I prefer Snickers:)

  20. LOVE them! Sooooo super cute!

  21. She is certainly going to have the best valentine in her class! How cute…and so is she!

  22. I love it. You had me “snickering” all through your post. I’m so doing these for my girls

  23. Ohmygoodness, so adorable!

  24. Oh my gosh! So stinkin’ cute!!!

  25. Oh goodness! To to cute!!

  26. Oh goodness! To to cute!!

  27. Oh my, what a cute twist on the lollipop valentine. I love it! 🙂

  28. Those cards are a stroke of genius. They would be great for preschoolers who can’t read to see who signed the valentine, all they have to do is LOOK! Awesome!

  29. Super cute idea and adorable little girl!

  30. Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Now I can’t stop brainstorming other candy sayings!

  31. I love this! I’ve seen the adorable lollipops around blogland so I love how you changed it up. So creative!

  32. great minds certainly think alike! I have a valentine with the same idea! I love this one 🙂


  33. Love the valentine cards!

  34. so cute! I am eriting an article about valentines day cards. Can I borrow this idea. Will link back to you.

  35. That is awesome! I did the lolipops this year. I edited with that great picnic website, So fun! Thanks for sharing!

  36. LOVE this snicker idea! Must try it. Thanks!

  37. I am your newest follower!! You have such a wonderful blog 🙂

    I featured this idea on my blog today. I can not wait to make my own.


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