Make Sweet {Photo} Valentines

Taking creative photos of your kids is a great way to send “Sweet Valentines” to grandma and grandpa! Just snap some fun pics. and edit them in Picasa or Photo Shop, or whatever you use to edit. Add some fun text, print and send.


  1. so cute!! Now can you tell my kids to hold still so we can get a good pic?! 🙂

  2. cute idea! Will have to try it in picnik!

  3. Great idea Jen!!! Love the way they turned out!!

  4. Love these ideas! Looks like I just found a gift for hubs!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a fun idea!! Great pics! (=

  6. Great pictures, Great idea! Thanks for sharing. This will make great grandparent gifts!


  7. Great ideas!! We use simple white square pillows and use the ole’ Cricut to cut out messages scattered on the pillows for pics to those abroad! 🙂 -Karen

  8. Very cute and yet so simple!! Thanks for Sharing, I think I now have a great idea to run with for a Valentines gift for my mom from my daughter!

    Kelli @

  9. Wonderful idea!

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