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Fruit Fluff Salad

Hello friends, I am sharing a yummy salad that is perfect for any spring, summer, Easter, 4th of July, BBQ or picnic you are attending or celebrating. This Fruit Fluff Salad is just that, its fluffy, light, and packed with delicious flavor. My mom makes this salad and so I got it from her, and its a family favorite.

My little boys especially love this salad, in fact they call it “Candy Salad” I figured if I titled it candy salad that no one would be interested, no one would want to pin it, and everyone would think “how un-healthy!” that said there are marshmallows in this salad (insert big gritted teeth and shrugged shoulders) so its not uber healthy, but you will just have to get over it, and enjoy this tasty salad. Mmmm-kay.

fruit fluff salad text


– 1 large 16 oz. container of cool whip (make sure its frozen, or slightly defrosted)

– 2 8 oz. cans of pineapple tidbits (drained really well)

– 3 small cans of mandarin oranges (drained really well)

– 1 3 oz. package of orange jello

– 1 and 1/2 container of reduced fat cottage cheese (the largest containers 24 oz.)

– 2 cups of mini pastel marshmallows (but I eyeball the marshmallows and please add more if you choose)

Optional ingredient- coconut about 1 cup as it give a good texture. 

Directions: (serves 12-18)

In a large bowl combine cottage cheese and the package of orange jello powder, mix these two together really well. Next add in your semi thawed semi frozen cool whip (if its fully thawed then the salad won’t set up when chilled in the fridge) mix the cool whip in real well. Then drain your canned fruit really well and add all cans of fruit.

Be sure to fold the fruit in, making sure you don’t destroy the mandarin oranges. Once the fruit is all mixed in, you can fold in your marshmallows. Smooth out the top of your bowl, wipe down the inside top edges for a clean look (optional, OCD here) cover it and let it chill in your fridge for at least 2 hours or more. Enjoy. I prefer to eat this salad and wash it down with some kind of drink, like coffee that I brew in my glass drip coffee maker, or tea or freshly squeezed juice is also great

fruit fluff salad 2

You and your family, (especially your kids) will love this Fruit Fluff Salad. Mmmm Mmmm GOOOOD!

Thanks for stopping by as always.



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143 thoughts on “Fruit Fluff Salad

  1. I love this salad. I’ve had it before but not known the recipe. Thanks for sharing. I have one question though, what size Jello box do you use? The small or large.

  2. I would like to make this for the girls home I work for. I would have to make it for 30-40 people and would be using the #10 cans. Do you have the measurements for that?

    1. Hi Karen, I don’t but I would just maybe do everything but perhaps use 4 to 5 of everything to stretch it. Its pretty easy and goof proof too. jen

  3. Instead of using jello, I have used instant pudding mix. I like pistascio. I’m going to try using plain yogurt instead of the cottage cheese.

    1. Hi Mary Lee, The cottage cheese helps it thicken and gives it more texture. I believe just yogurt would make it runny. Good luck though, let me know. Jen

      1. Can’t just leave out the cottage cheese I’m not a fan of it and I have made mandarin orange salad almost ide tali always to this that’s doesn’t call for the cottage cheese

        1. I mean you can, but it bulks up the salad and makes it sort of thicker and not as runny. I say to each their own. Jen

  4. This looks perfect to add to my Easter dinner with those beautiful pastel colours. It looks even more flavourful than My mil’s ambrosia. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Hi Mary Jane, its very delicious, light and so pretty for Easter. Enjoy and Have a lovely Holiday. Jen

  5. I really don’t like cottage cheese. Any suggestions for a substitute? Someone suggested yogurt and you said it would be runny. What about greek yogurt or pudding?

      1. Hi
        I will be making this dish on Saturday. I dont care for cool whip either. How did the real stuff hold up?? I would like to use Whipping cream in this dish instead of cool whip.

    1. Melissa: You might try it with the cottage cheese just once, we make a similar salad to this for our family holidays and there are several people that don’t like cottage cheese but love the salad, you can’t really taste the cottage cheese itself but it does give texture to the salad.

    2. I have used the “Cozy Shack” brand of tapioca in the refrigerator section by the puddings instead of the cottage cheese. It was very good & thickened it like the cottage cheese. I also do like it with the cottage cheese too though.

      1. Hello I made this with cozy shack and I can land oranges and I pineapple tidbits and it work perfect had enough for 10 people a little let over. Thank you

  6. so u said u sub vanilla yogurt but then told someone just yogurt would make it runny. so which is it?

  7. Please reply with actual quantities of ingredients (ounces). I Want to make sure I’m using appropriate “larger container”

    1. Hi Connie, you can, but I don’t think it will thicken it as much. That said, it would still be tasty. Jen-COM

  8. Instead of cottage cheese’ I use equal amounts of sour cream and cool whip! It’s very tasty! I don’t use jello! I add coconut

  9. I had a hard time finding pineapple tidbits. Are they similar to pineapple chunks? I hope so because that’s what I bought.

  10. Seriously…some of these replies…did you never have a jello salad before??
    1-there is NO yogurt
    2-pineapple tidbits are much smaller than chunks & found in the same area on the shelf

    1. small curd is best no one will taste it,if you canlt find tidbits cut and drain the chunks , this is so simple go by what jen says!!!

      1. sorry use small curd cottage cheese, buy pineapple chunks cut in smaller size that is what tibits really are. sorry I was not clear about my commet.

    2. Mary, seriously….I am in CA and my two major grocery stores don’t carry pineapple tidbits. Keep in mind, depending what area you are in their largest containers may be your medium. I do live in a large city and still no tidbits.

    1. Hi Sharon, It won’t work with out coolwhip that is what makes it have ths sweet light fluff to it. So sorry. jen

  11. Cool whipp is a whipped cream or whipped topping. Made by craft. Aus will have something similar

    1. Hi Dianna,
      It depends on the amount of people you will be serving. I would start with large and eyeball it. Thanks, jen

  12. Do the pastel marshmallows have any different flavor than just the regular marshmallows? I know the pastel would look much prettier but I was just wondering because I already have the plain marshmallows.

  13. I was going to make this and I opened the cottage cheese and realized it was almost gone. So I used cream cheese with about 2 maybe 3 tbsp of the pineapple juice so it was easy to mix with a fork and it turned out great! Just forthose looking to substitute.

  14. Could you take off the OCD here phrase. I actually have OCD so it bothers me when people who don’t have it say that they have it.
    Thank you very much

    1. I would rather not, its my blog and post. I am OCD too, about a lot of things in fact. I can mock myself and know that I have a sense of humor about it.

      1. 😂😂😂😂😂 “larger container” wtf is that for a way of telling someone the amount to add…

        1. Hello Lillith,

          I read all “12” of your comments that are not all spammed minus this one. Sweetie, did you look at the actual recipe in my post? I have the amounts/oz/ingredients all listed (scratching my head). Or did you just go straight to the comment section and fulfill your joy or drama and negativity.? Either way, enjoy your drama filled soul with or without my delicious fruit fluff salad. Byyyyyyyye, Jen

  15. Jen… wow. Just wow. I just read all these comments and frankly was appalled at some of them! You posted an amazing sounding recipe with great instructions (that were quite clear and easy to follow). And then the comments started. You have remained remarkably calm and collected throughout. Kudos to you!! This is in fact your blog and your post. You are in fact doing a great job! Thanks for posting these yummy recipes. And thanks for taking the time to reply to these comments, some of which made me roll my eyes and laugh out loud. I just wanted to tell you that you are appreciated! So be encouraged! 🙂

    1. Thanks Melanie, It’s to bad that so many can be so negative. I have to wonder if these same people would speak that honestly to my face, or that they just feel the can behind a screen. Anyway, thanks for the support, its a delicious light and tasty salad. xo jen

      1. Really looking forward to this recipe! I’m planning on fixing this tomorrow for a small group meeting, but am seriously contemplating hiding it in the fridge and “forgetting” to set it out so I can have it all to myself! 🙂 Thanks again!

    2. I’m not negative but size & amounts Does Matter! You put cans, but n size , no we’re not anal, it helps. Thank you

  16. Jen-
    Thanks so much for this! We make a similar salad (which my family has dubbed “pink sh*t” with Cherry jello but I am looking forward to making this for Easter, I think it’ll be a fun spring addition!

    1. Hi Sherry, HA HA! love it. Well this version is delish, and I hope you all enjoy it, Happy early Easter. jen

  17. Jen,
    Cool whip comes in a variety of sizes. I am hoping you are talking about the largest size which is 16 oz, along with the 4 oz size of orange jello and the 24 oz of cottage cheese. I am terrible at guessing what people are meaning….I am making right now and can’t wait to test it with my Bunco ladies tonight!


  18. Hi Jen,
    This look amazing and a perfect salad to go with my Easter dinner. We have one family member who is VERY allergic to coconut and Cool Whip is made with coconut oil. I am hoping to make whipped cream from scratch and use that instead. It can be slightly frozen ahead of time I believe and then used. I’m just wondering if anyone has tried it with real whipped cream and if so how it turned out?


    1. Hello Maria,

      I am sure if you make it yourself and let it chill up that it would be great. Have a wonderful Easter holiday. jen

  19. I’m so excited about making this for Easter. I think it’s going to beautiful in a trifle dish. How far in advance can I prepare? I’m nervous if I do it the night before that the marshmallows might dissolve? Thoughts?

    1. Hi Erin, in a trifle dish will be very pretty. I say do it tonight right before bed, or first thing in the morning and let is chill before your lunch/dinner etc. jen

  20. Is this salad sweet or does the cottage cheese take away from that? I really want to make this but I need a little reassurance that your can’t taste the cottage cheese flavor (lol). (I also panic every time I make Hawaiian salad with sour cream….no matter how many times I make it…I just feel “wrong” Lol! )

    1. Its sweet, the cottage cheese acts as a thickener and gives it more texture.. its perfect. jen

  21. Can you make this one day ahead? Didn’t know if it changes since the cool whip will be thawed by tomorrow for Easter lunch.

    1. Hi Mary, Yes’ if you make it the night before and regrigerate it, its even better…because it sets up more. jen

  22. Some actual quantities in parenthesis for these various containers would be very, very helpful. I’m trying to half the recipe and substitute green grapes for the pinapple. Additionally, I have a large container of mandarin oranges, so I’m left having to guess on many of the ingredient amounts.

    1. Hi Kendra, if you are trying to change it up, then I can’t exactly tell you how much, since I use cans. Its also to be a sweet orange like flavor, so I donn’t know how grapes would work. The pinnapple and mandarin oranges are perfect together.

  23. I made this today for Easter, turned out great! I thought the quantities, descriptions and directions were easy to follow… And I’m far from a gear chef! Thanks! To all the comments above, just wow! Good job answering them all!

  24. Hello! Have you ever tried to cut this recipe in half?! I want to try so I don’t have so much leftover! If I cut the ingredients in half, would it be OK to still use a whole box of orange jello? Or would you eyeball half of the powder? Thanks!

    1. Hi Megan, if you half it, I would half all the ingredients and save the rest. That said, I am sure using all the cool whip would be fine. Thanks, Jen

  25. Great recipe! I made it for our Easter egg hunt and it was a huge hit–thanks!

    For those wondering about amounts, here’s what I used and it turned out great:
    -a 20-oz can of pineapple tidbits
    – (2) 11-oz cans of mandarin oranges
    – 24 oz of cottage cheese
    – 16 oz cool whip
    – 3 oz box of orange jell-O
    – about half of a 10 oz bag of mini fruit flavored marshmallows

    Wegmans had everything for those who have one nearby. I’m sure you can use different variations of these amounts but this worked out nicely.

      1. I also find it very odd exact measurements weren’t provided! It makes it very difficult to follow a recipe.

        1. The measurments, are basically a container, a box, etc. You don’t even use measuring cups for this recipe. It’s very easy.

          1. I’m assuming the folks who needed exact measurements are people who visit McDonald’s frequently. It’s sad that people can’t use critical thinking skills to make a recipe.

  26. I love this ! My mom makes this without the cottage cheese and jello. Just fruit, marshmallows and cool whip. She also adds chopped almonds or walnuts to sprinkle on top!

  27. Hi there! I actually chilled ALL ingredients (including canned fruits and marshmallows) overnight. It didn’t matter that the cool whip was thawed… everything set up very nice immediately after preparing! And I also used a large orange jello, I think that helps with the setting up also. It was delicious and a big hit at our family dinner! Thanks for the recipe 😄

    1. Hi Christina, Awesome! I am so glad it was a hit with the fam. Thank you for sharing, jen

    1. Hi Bobbie, Honestly, this is the recipe. The cottage cheese is staple in it as it helps bind the jello, cool whip, and fruit… so its not super runny. I don’t have another option. Sorry. jen

  28. I just made this for a carry-in dinner this eve. Since it is just a few days before Easter, I have pink and blue bunny Peeps that I will stand around the rim of the bowl. Should look “festive.”

    1. Oh’ how stinken cute. I may have to do that next year with orange and maybe green peeps. Love that idea. Thanks, jen

  29. I have made this recipe three times already, and I’m so in love with it! My family loves it as well. I just made a batch for Easter tomorrow, and I love that the recipe makes a lot! I had no problem at all following your recipe and ingredients, and I’ve only made ambrosia before- not jello salad. Also, I used crushed pineapple which I drained really well, along with the mandarin oranges. It turns out beautifully! I add just a little extra marshmallows, but I use the plain ones. This recipe is to die for, and is a holiday staple in our home. Thank you so much, Jen, for this delicious recipe!😍

    1. Hi Lisa, You are so welcome. It is a staple in my family as well. My sister made it this year for Easter, I totally had my fill too. GASP. So glad everyone in your family enjoys it. Its darn easy to make and gosh darn good too. Hugs, jen

  30. I made this for Easter and it was delicious! Everyone ate some, many people had 2nds, and even with 12 adults and 9 kids there was plenty left over. I will definitely make this again!! Thanks for the great recipe!!

    1. We had it yesterday too. Its a family fav. and I had three helpings. Don’t worry they were all small. I am so glad everyone enjoyed it. Hugs, jen

  31. Reading all the comments from above made me wonder if some of these people have ever cooked anything before. After you have been married as long as some of us (us 31 years and counting) you estimate things or eye ball them, most of the time I never measure things. I know when my daughter was going to get married all she wanted as a present from me was all my recipes that she had grown up eating. I told her I never measured I eyeballed it and she said show me. so we took a recipe that had measurements and I eyeballed it and she measured after me and said wow mom cant wait til I have done it as long as you and I will be able to do this too. Ladies it just takes practice and always remember if you put too much of one thing add a little more of the other things just relax and cook. to me cooking is something I like to do to relax!!

    1. Oh’ Shelby “WOMAN” you nailed it. EXACLTY, and Amen. I eyeball all my cooking. Baking is where you need to measure. Thanks for sharing your little story too. XO JEN

    2. I have you beat, Shelby. I have been married for 55 years. One question comes to mind. “What does measure mean?” Hahahaha .
      I was a home economics major and know that cooking is a chemical reaction. That being said, we have to take care of the new fledgings that don’t know what home ec is. I think I was there once, but can’t remember.
      Remember—be kind and post exact measurements—even if it means measure, make and post results. The greatest of these gifts is LOVE!

  32. Thanks to u Jen for such a delightful summer dessert !
    Your directions were perfect to help complete the amazing treat !
    I made this for a college get together with old friends . They love it to the last bite !!
    I introduced them to your web page , giving you full credit .
    We named it “For all seasons fruit salad “

  33. Wow, lots of comments. This sounds like a yummy recipe and I only had one question, which I did not see answered. I get the cans for measurements, but when you say the largest cottage cheese available and a half that’s what I would find confusing. That would be 48 oz of cottage cheese? We have large containers of cottage cheese that are 32oz. Is that too much in comparison to the fruit? I guess what is a large to one person might be different to another. Lol. Please confirm what size container, it would make a difference. Thanks, most of us don’t have time to practice.

    1. Hi Kerry, Just your standard I guess medium size you see in the grocery stores, and then a small one as well. That said, I will be sure to change the sizes to make this easier for you all. Thank you, Jen

    1. Right? and still going strong especially around spring and Easter. That said, best light tasty fruit salad ever. jen

  34. Ha ha – reading the comments started my day!! Great entertainment. You’re awesome and may I say so polite!!!

    Making this today and I think I have all the can sizes, the size of cottage cheese, and cool whip, and everything else I need!! Can’t imagine there is something that hasn’t been asked!!! So fun – and bless you for your good nature answers! You’re much nicer than I could ever be, which is why I guess I don’t have a blog!! Thanks Jen!!

    1. Your Welcome… happy to entertain via food and laughter wink. I recommend making it the day it will be served like early morning, or if you do make it the day before then at night before bed. Just because the marshallows tend to almost dissolve. Thanks, jen

  35. I just made this salad for Easter. I scrapped the bowl when pouring into another bowl and I know I am going to enjoy this . It is very good.

  36. Hi!

    Jen – two simple words for draining canned fruit …. SALAD SPINNER!

    Seriously, a life changer :o)

    1. You can use it, I just don’t care for the cherry’s in it. It also may not make it taste the way my recipe tastes if that makes sense. Recipes can always be tweaked, so go for it. Jen

  37. I have been married for 45 years and can not believe the comments! I live on a farm and do not run to the store for every little thing. I have a pantry that looks like a mini mart. If I don’t have what it calls for I adjust -think flavors. There are usually 8 to 14 people to eat at my table every week-end, grandkids and there dads. It build family’s!
    I thought your recipe was great and am using it this Easter.
    Good job on your responses..

    1. Thank you Kathy, me too. I adjust or I know what a small container is as opposed to a bigger one. I have had to tweak this recipe about 3 times to “hopefully” make everyone happy.

    1. The marshmallows break down so if you do it the night before, don’t add the marshmallows until maybe a few hours before serving.

  38. Can I make this the day before? Or will it become runny? My event is early morning, so I don’t think I can get two hours of fridge time without doing it the day before.

  39. I just made this for Easter tomorrow but didn’t read the comment about the marshmallows breaking down until after I had it made. I hope it is ok. I would hate to waste all of those ingredients!
    This is the first time I have made something like this. We have several gluten free people and I thought this would be a good dessert for them.
    I used green jello to look like grass and plan to put pink peeps bunnies on top of it.

  40. I’ve made a jello salad something like this but we call it dump jello. Any combination will work. It starts out the same. Small container of small curd cottage cheese, small 8oz. cool whip, 1small pkg. orange jello…. then I use one small can mandarin oranges (drained) and chopped walnuts chopped. I just add until i think I’ve got enough. I love it. Any combination you like will work. I’m going to use your recipe for Easter tomorrow but leave out the pineapple, I don’t like pineapple… lol 😂

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