Summer Water Party for Kids

A week and a half ago I put together a Summer Water Party for Kids. It was pretty darn easy, and kids are pretty darn easy to entertain too. Just provide some water balloons, capri suns, snacks, and friends and their happy campers. I went a bit farther and had a little bit more food, […]

New Years Larsen Party!

I will be honest I had no intentions of doing anything for New Years! eek! because towards the end of the year I am just pooped and wiped out (insert”lazy”)! However, this little naggy bug got inside of me and I remembered I was sent this really cute New Years back drop from Oriental Trading. […]

Rustic White Birthday Baptism Party

This past weekend was chalked full of love, some tears, joy, laughter, and a visit from Innie (gma L) and grandpa from Oregon. They came down for Bella’s 8th Birthday. Her birthday was extra special because she got baptized. Her whole program, and baptism along with her Baptism/Birthday Party were wonderful. I could tell she […]

Summer Survival for the kids- Throw a Carnival Themed Lunch

I am sure you have all heard it more then once… those words all moms LOVE TO HEAR …. “I AM BORED!” well I have too! but honestly, the simplest things can turn the mundane into something super fun and enjoyable for everyone. Like for instance turn your kids boring ever day lunches at home into […]

Nautical Party Decor- life saver wrapped silverware

Today I am sharing with you all my … “Life Saver Wrapped Silverware.” My sister in law sent me a cute image on FB of some life saver wrapped silverware. I believe the original source is here.  I wanted a Nautical Themed party for my son who will be the big “1” this weekend. DON’T […]