Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings

Hi guys today I am sharing how I played with this super awesome Souffle Clay. Its called “souffle clay” because its softer to work with, then normal clay, which makes it better for jewelry creating. So I am sharing these “Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings” that I made. I love all the different trendy colors […]

JOANN’S Summer of Kids Craft ~ Beaded Jewelry

Summa Summa Summa Time… Summa Time. Let’s just sit back and un-wind!….. Or “CRAFT with the kiddos!” I frequently visit JOANN’S but it was really fun visiting their store a few days ago and seeing all the “Kids Camp” crafting items, and supplies. Here is a great Jo-Ann Spring and Summer Catalog to check out.  Making […]

Martha Stewart DIY Jewelry Line ~ Get Creative!

I am a girl at heart, therefore I have a huge love for jewelry. It started from a very young age, you know when you play dress up? Well as I got a little older I would love gazing through the glass at all my grandmothers pretty sparkly jewelry. She had this beautiful jewelry case […]

Getting Organized-DIY- Earring & Necklace Holder

Reading and seeing this post, you all may see why I got the nickname “JenGlamGirl” and why I made my email jenglamgirl@gmail.com winks.  So  my jewelry collection has been everywhere, all over the bathroom counter, in small boxes on the bathroom counter, in bathroom drawers, on my craft table, and just some of it in […]

Rose Vases turned Bracelet Holders

I got my vases at a {Thrift Store} and they were super cheap. I placed a bunch of my bracelets over them, and I love the way it looks. These sit on my bathroom counter. I didn’t realize how many bracelets I had and I have more in my jewelry box….(winks)… Anyway, I wanted to […]