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Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings

Hi guys today I am sharing how I played with this super awesome Souffle Clay. Its called “souffle clay” because its softer to work with, then normal clay, which makes it better for jewelry creating. So I am sharing these “Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings” that I made. I love all the different trendy colors that Souffle Clay offers, I love that it has this super soft velvet like finish once you have made your creation and baked it. I had a lot of fun working with it, and the Sculpey clay tools are very helpful too. I have to say that Souffle clay is right on the money when they say its a lighter clay, so that its not heavy to wear. Its true, I am wearing my earrings now and forgot I even had them on, plus I forgot to mention that they are over 4 inches long.  I new when I got working on my jewelry project that I wanted some kind of modern like “Aztec” type earrings, so I chose a triangle theme. I also wanted bright colors, so I chose what I think are fun “summer colors” orange, like red dessert sand and red rock mountains, and blues like the ocean, pools, and blue skies. Love it!

So lets check out how I made these “Handmade Clay Aztec Drop Earrings”

clay sculpey supplies  and clay

First- I started with my color choices, and then broke off a chunk and started rolling.

clay soufle color choices

Second- I rolled out the pieces until I was happy with the thickness and size.

clay sculpey rolling clay

Third- I cut out my pieces with a Sculpey blade. I just winged the size I wanted and went for it.

clay sculpey cut clay

Fourth- I took my previous cut piece and used it as a guide for my other cut triangle pieces.

clay sculpey trace clay and cut

Fifth- I used another Sculpey tool to poke wholes in the needed places for the earrings rings to go through.

clay sculpey whole marking

Sixth- I baked everything for 24 minutes at 275 and added some gold paint to the center orange triangle, added my rings and my earrings hoops and I was done.

diy clay triangle drop earrings

DIY clay triangle drop earrings 3

DIY clay triangle drop earrings2

(i phone pic., with filter DUH! wink wink.)

jen diy clay earrings

I have to say I love how they turned out, and they go with some existing bracelets I already have. I love the length, color, and style of them. Plus as mentioned they were easy to make and the Souffle clay was a breeze to work with.

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Get together with your friends and make some fun jewelry with Souffle Clay. Wink. Thanks for stopping in today. jen

This is a sponsored post by Polyform/Souffle Clay all opinions are 100% mine.

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