Martha Stewart DIY Jewelry Line ~ Get Creative!

I am a girl at heart, therefore I have a huge love for jewelry. It started from a very young age, you know when you play dress up? Well as I got a little older I would love gazing through the glass at all my grandmothers pretty sparkly jewelry. She had this beautiful jewelry case that was filled with gorgeous jewelry. My sister and I would be the lucky girls who got to pick out a piece of grandmother’s jewelry after we would help her dust and clean her pretty bay window. We felt like a million bucks in grandma’s jewelry. My love for jewelry continued as I grew up. I feel that accessories can “complete” an outfit and better yet, “make” an outfit. Both my mother and grandmother were perfect examples to me. They always put themselves together just perfectly, and always looked like classy woman. My grandmother is not with us anymore, but my mom is still the same, she always looks her best. 

So all that said, I was beside myself when Plaid Crafts sent me a box of Martha Stewart jewelry to play with. Guess what?! you can all  play with some too. Martha Stewart’s new line of Jewelry can be found at Michaels Craft Stores. I was and still am so impressed with the quality of Martha Stewart’s jewelry as well as the tools. Everything is top notch, just like the packaging. Double Woot! I am going to share some of the fun pieces I made. My daughter will be tickled when she gets the bow necklace for her birthday coming up in August. 

Here is just some of the stuff I made. 
DIY Martha Stewart Jewelry

Tutorial: To paint the simple medallion below, you take Martha Stewart jewelry enamel and jewelry enamel activator and you mix one part of the enamel with two parts of the activator. You simply mix them together with a tooth pick, and you are done. Then with a silicone tipped Martha Stewart enamel applicator you dip it into the paint and start adding your enamel to your jewelry pieces. Its super easy to do, and with the right Martha Stewart tools its a breeze.

Below is more jewelry I painted with Martha Stewart jewelry enamel paint and paint activator. 

With more Martha Stewart tools and adhesives, I took some Martha Stewart jewelry glue and added it to the metal medallion charm and then placed my rosette on top. I pressed firmly down on the rosette and let it dry. You can embellish your necklaces with more diamond studs and diamond holders. Simply by using more jewelry glue and some ring fasteners. 

DIY Martha Stewart Jewelry

Below I took a Martha Stewart rhinestone bow and cut some jewelry wire that I fed through the Martha Stewart locket. I then twisted the wire inside the locket and was done attaching the rhinestone bow. I also embellished the necklace with a rhinestone charm and a enamel flower. 4-5 minute’s to make a necklace with some beautiful jewelry pieces by Martha Stewart 

Here is the pretty bow necklace all finished. She is going to my daughter for her birthday.DIY Martha Stewart Jewelry

DIY Martha Stewart Jewelry

Do you like? Well I love them, and had the funnest time creating all of them. I still plan on making a lot more stuff too.

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