Decorated Faux Pumpkins and Trick Your Pumpkin Contest

I recently had a ton of fun hitting up Michael’s and gathering some supplies and faux pumpkins to decorate. Today I am sharing and talking about these “Decorated Faux Pumpkins and Trick Your Pumpkin Contest.” When I shopped for the faux pumpkins I didn’t have any ideas in mind for what I was going to do, […]

Black and White Halloween Decor

Hi friends, today I am sharing my Black and White Halloween Decor. Last night I broke out my Halloween bins last night and then this morning I picked out the stuff I wanted to decorate with. YAY! I just couldn’t wait until Oct. 1st. all these holidays just come so fast and go even faster, […]

Festive Halloween Decor Ideas

Today I am just sharing some pictures over the years from some of my Festive Halloween Decor Ideas that I have done in the past. I thought it would be neat to look back on some of the different ways I decorated some spaces in my home or even some of the same ole same […]

Witches Tea Party!

I had a total blast this past weekend hosting and throwing  “Witches Tea!” aka The Witches of Hurricane!  Some of you may ask what is Witches Tea? well in a nut shell its just a Halloween Party where “Woman” dress up as Witches and come to mingle, eat refreshments, have a sweet beverage sometimes even […]

DIY Halloween Skeleton Wreath

Today I am sharing a “Spooky Space aka My Porch” with my DIY Halloween Skeleton Wreath! I had a lot of fun making this wreath. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that “Mable” (I named her!) insisted that I adopt her from Jo Ann’s and I did! She now is one super […]

Rustic Halloween Decor

Hello friends today I am sharing what I think looks like Rustic Halloween Decor. I decorated my entry way with things that were in brown type paper, wood, metal, jute, burlap and in brown, black, white, and grey. So I am sharing some pictures of my Rustic Halloween Decor~”Entry Way!” This should be my last […]