Home Decor~Gallery Wall with Stars and Frames

Hey friends today I am re-visiting a decorated wall I have shared once before, so I hope you all don’t mind. As most decorating goes, when I buy a few new decor items I play around with them. Yep’ I walk around my house and place them here, there, and everywhere, until I puffy heart the […]

Home Decor {Gallery Wall Nook}

Today I am sharing my “Gallery Wall Nook” its been dressed up with a little bit of Christmas as well. This nook, is just passed our entry way kind of in a hall, it was a fun little space to spoof up. Pictures of my four children hang in this space… “ALL BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL […]

Home Decor Gallery Frame and Star Wall

Hi Guys, so as I have mentioned here and there, we have moved into a new place and we are still room by room settling in. There are some fun walls, nooks, and spaces in the new place. Today I am sharing a wall that sits between the door to the garage and the door […]

Home Decor Gallery Wall with Table

Today I am sharing with you all an awkward wall I have in my house. Its between my large front room window with its adorning hanging shelf.. the shelf comes slightly into the small wall to the left. Then to the right is the sliding glass door and blinds. The blinds also come into the wall […]