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Home Decor Gallery Wall with Table

Today I am sharing with you all an awkward wall I have in my house. Its between my large front room window with its adorning hanging shelf.. the shelf comes slightly into the small wall to the left. Then to the right is the sliding glass door and blinds. The blinds also come into the wall if the blinds are shut all the way. So it can be rather annoying having things not look just right.

However, in my house a wall just cannot be blank! and there really isn’t a BLANK wall in my house. My dad is sure to let me know of it, and makes fun of me about it too. Course’ I quickly remind him of his home and that mom doesn’t have a blank wall either… cough cough… where did I get it from “DAD?” huh huh? winks.

So I spent sometime messing around with the wall for the last several years hanging different things on it. I also spent sometime the last few days getting the look I wanted on the table. With the help of some super awesome FB friends I was able to create just the look I wanted.

So here are some pictures for you all along with a BEFORE shot as well. P.S. the yellow lamp was just to big for the table especially with its lamp shade. I will share the lamp in another decor post, another day.

I bought some Cut It Out Frames at SNAP in April and I taped off the one and painted it, and then painted the other two. When I was done I sanded all the edges. Also, I don’t have pictures of my kids for the frames just yet. I want to take group shots of them and put black and white shots in the frames. Hopefully soon.


The yellow flowers I got at Michales Crafts, and the faux apples I got at Walmart. The wire basket I have had for a year and shopped my home, and the picture frame I bought over a year ago at Ace Hardware in my local town.

I AM VERY PLEASED WITH THE ENDING RESULTS. AFTER ALL IT WITH THROUGH- “8” transformations over the course of “3” plus years.
WINKS, jen
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7 thoughts on “Home Decor Gallery Wall with Table

  1. This looks great! I know how it can be a struggle to get just one small area in your home JUST how you want it.
    You did amazing-as usual.

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