Grey boots with casual fashion

A day in the life of jen and her fashion style. Today my fashion style starts with some grey boots with casual fashion. Yes’ my fashion style is very casual/trendy/cute. I am always in jeans, preferrably skinny jeans (unless I’m home, then comfy pants/jammies for sure). Normally I like to wear a cute top, some […]

Caged Fairy Fashion Necklaces

GAH! I cannot believe the cuteness I am about to share with you all. Moms, aunts, grandmas, friends, sisters,  your “daughters”, grandaughters, and nieces will all want one. I am talking about the darling insanley cute idea of “Caged Fairy Fashions” So quick side story, I was browsing Etsy a few weeks ago for some […]

DIY Tie Dye Tote Bag

Hi friends today I am sharing the easiest embellished DIY Tie Dye Tote Bag. If you watch the below YouTube video, I am sharing exactly what I did, with before and after images. As well as what I used, plus its pretty fun to see the bag come together in the video. I love this […]


I was admiring the headbands that my daughter Bella got from Chique Showoffs, and wanted more. So I decided I would dig around in my craft stash and see what I had. Between beads, broken jewelry, ribbon, tulle and other finds. I got to work. I HAVE A NEW CRAFT LOVE… I think I am […]