Christmas Card Reveal!

I am so excited to share my Christmas cards with you all today, but first… for those of you who voted on my instagram feed on picture A. B. or C (not shown but with more images). I went ahead and chose option C. I couldn’t help myself and wanted more pictures of the family […]

Gold and Sparkly Christmas Tree

Hi friends, I am excited to share with you my Gold and Sparkly Christmas Tree. This tree sits in our front living room of our new (old but new) house. I was so excited that I had a front window in our new house, because I would be able to put our tree in front […]

Christmas Hot Cocoa Bar

Hi guys, I am finally getting around to sharing another Christmas post, GAH! this time of year is crazy. Today, its all about “My Christmas Hot Cocoa Bar”. One of the things I love in our new home is the industrial handing shelves my hubby and I did together. I still may even chalkpaint the […]

A Donated Christmas Tree To the CJC

Hi friends, I have been anxious to share this experience with you all, a donated Christmas tree to the CJC. In all the years that I have been a blogger this opportunity I was given from The Christmas Tree Market, has to be one of my favs. About a month ago I recieved an email […]

Rustic Woodland Christmas Tree

Sponsored by Target Hi, friends. Today I am going to share my rustic woodland Christmas tree. I found my amazing tree at Target. I didn’t want a huge tree like I have in my upstairs front room, so I chose a pre-lit 4 1/2 foot Virginia pine. It was a great pick, because I love its […]

Cozy Plaid Christmas Bedding

This post is sponsored by Target With it much colder now- some of us with snow- and the holidays just around the corner, it’s nice to snuggle up in cozy plaid Christmas bedding. You can even create this cozy look for your guests. Add a wooden tray to the end of their bed with some […]