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DIY Mini Hazelnut Christmas Trees & Christmas Decor

Hello there, we are still unpacking and putting stuff away in the new place and its little by little getting done. We have almost all the rooms done but four, ye-haw we are making progress. TODAY- I just had to put up Christmas, I couldn’t wait any longer. Even if I have to step over boxes and stuff I was going to put it up. winks.
So today I am sharing these simple
 “DIY Mini Hazelnut Christmas Trees.”  
I found the trees at my local Ace Hardware Store, and I loved that they had the burlap base. I wanted my piano to look natural and simple this year. Aside from the trees I purchased for $3.49 a piece, I shopped my home for the other stuff and dug through my Christmas decor to create the look I wanted. 
Here are some pictures for ya. Enjoy.

I simply took some hazelnuts I had left over from a few Christmas’s ago, and hot glued them to the fronts of the trees. If I buy more I will add more to the backs. Very easy and a very “Natural” Christmas look.


Do you love the old OLD vintage (painted by someone else, paint LOVE) ammo boxes? I FREAKED, when I saw them at the antique shop. They were $10.00 dollars a piece, and they were coming home with me. 

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