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DIY Burlap Canvas Christmas Tree

Hey guys, so I mentioned on my FB page how I wanted to make some “crafted” Christmas Trees this weekend. Well I didn’t make multiple trees, not yet anyway. However, I did “one Christmas tree” Today I am sharing my DIY Burlap Canvas Christmas Tree!” I think she turned out pretty darn cute, and I think I really like her too. 

Supplies Needed:
– 1 chunky 4 x 4 stretched burlap canvas
– 2 4 x 4 stretched burlap canvases
– 3 3 x 3 stretched burlap canvases
– 2 2 x 2 stretched burlap canvases
   All from Canvas Corp.
– 1 small metal pail
– glue gun
– approx. 24 mini red bulbs
– wood ball
– wood flat round form

How To:
I just stacked up and hot glued down the stretched burlap canvases, making sure they were overlapping one another. I hot glued the metal pail to the bottom and hot glued down all the little plastic bulbs. Finally I added a wood ball and wood round form, that too were both hot glued down. Super Easy, about a 15 minute craft. 


As mentioned above this was an easy and fun project not to mention festive and cute. 
Thank you guys for stopping by today, see you tomorrow evening for COM-Monday.

To order canvases go here

This is not a sponsored post its part of a product review/affiliate program. All opinions are 100% mine.  

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