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Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender

Hi friends, its been awhile again. I am truly trying to grow (and have been growing YAY! ) my YouTube channel. What a fun place it is to share there, its Craft-O-Maniac in movement HA! Anyway, I’m bringing you my first Christmas DIY, A-Pottary Barn Knock Off Advent Calender. I was on Pottary Barn the other day and saw an adorable stocking advent tree, but NO WAY! would I pay $199.00 plus shipping for it. NO WAY!  So me and a bunch of other YouTubers decided to do a fun “High Low challenge” and share it on our YouTube channels. Basically take a project that is high in cost and make it for a much lower in cost. 

My video HERE will share the full tutorial along with all the items you need as well as where I got them (a lot from Dollar Tree) YAY. 


Here are some pictures for ya. What do you all think?




To my DIY faux wood wall with hooks, I hung a cute old vintage rusty lantern I thrifte dand a cute oranament from Jo-Ann.


This paper mache deer head I got a few years ago at Michaels and then I embelisshed it, and added it to a grapvine wreath. 


I thrifted a super old rusty beat up crib bed from a thrift store a few weeks ago. I have been on the hunt for a really old one for years. I can hardly wait to clip my Christmas cards to it. I have had this idea in my head for years, and I finally can put my vision to life. YAY! 






Thank you all for visiting today. xoxo jen

Here is the video for the full How To:


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