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Lighting Ideas To Add More Drama To Your Home’s Interior

Lights are not just used in the home for illumination purposes, despite what many may have you believe. In fact, using lighting in the right way can influence our mood, our perception of the space and it can also add real drama to the environment.

To get an idea of this you only need to check out the Clearlight Designs website and see the way that they present their lighting range. If you are
looking to bring some real drama into the property then here are some lighting ideas that will help you to do just that.

Highlighting The Details
Lighting can be used in many areas of the home to really shed some attention on the finer details. For example inside a kitchen under-counter LED lighting can be used to showcase the true beauty of the cabinet design. Enclaves in the living room can feature small spotlights too in order to show off the design features which you have added such as ornaments or photographs.

This precise lighting really helps to bring drama to the space.
Switch The Angle Sometimes just changing the angle of your lighting can drastically change the appearance of your room.

So many of us focus on lighting options that are general and broad, but if we chop up a room with two different lighting angles we can really switch the mood of the space. You can always use lamps to fill in spaces that lack lighting after the angles have been changed.

Candlelight Bliss
Using large lanterns you can add LED bulbs inside to give a really incredible feeling down the hallway. Placing 10 or more of these cream lanterns looks incredible and offers the perfect entrance to your home.

Up and Down
In hallways and on stairs many people look to use uplighters or downlighters to create the space, but this could go one step better. Instead of this why not try to add lighting fixtures which provide illumination both down and up.

This gives a great look and gives the feeling of more space as it is highlighting both the wall below and above. There is a great range of these lights available depending on how much space you have to play within your hallways and on your stairs.

Dimmed Lighting
Dimmer switches are very simple to install and they can really help you to set the mood in multiple rooms around the home. Think about the living room as a perfect example here, which can be bright and breezy during the early evening or for gatherings, but then when you want that cozy feel
you can simply dim the lights and change the feeling. This is the ultimate addition to your home if you want to bring in a little bit of drama.

As you can see, by simply changing the lighting options in the home you can bring drama to each room and add some serious style too.

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