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Restoring Your Home after Water Damage in Charleston

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Water is essential for life, and so it is intricately routed through our houses and gardens. Though, this improves our quality of life by
providing water sources everywhere it is required, there is also the increased rate of failing.

Including the damage that can come from failure of extensive plumbing in our homes, massive rainfalls that accompany a tornado, or a hailstorm can cause severe damage to your house as water damage. This article will help you navigate your way through the water damage Charleston restoration process.

There can be many reasons for water damage as mentioned above, but when the source is not very obvious, i.e. no tornado, it is important to
first identify the source of leakage or failure as it is necessary to perform preliminary damage control.

Source identification is the start of the solution, and mostly can be done by someone with proper tools that are generally available in home.

After identification of water source, it is important to try and turn off the water through that route to mitigate the water that is accumulating. As walls, carpets and other household items take more damage, as they are exposed to water.

Blocking the orifice in case of a burst pipe, orturning off the valve for that pipe from main control in case of loose fittings, etc. can go a long way in aiding the restoration process.

Contact companies that deal with restoration after water damage as soon as possible. Because there are certain steps to be taken before the
actual work can start, that is the extra time that your objects in home will be soaked in water, or your basement remain flooded.

The companies will come and inspect your house and the damage, and produce a report of how to proceed to deal with damage and restoration.

The restoration process generally involves few basic steps, and it is important to have some basic knowledge of these steps as these are
going to be performed on your house. And this is also the way to check the work of the company.

Though, it is suggested that you should research properly prior to contacting a company, looking up its reviews and company website.

 You will perform a preliminary inspection as soon as you find water damage or stagnation in your home. But this will be rudimentary and will not be thorough. The company will do their own in-depth inspection and assessment to help them start with their jobs.

 After identification, the company will then proceed to mitigate the water accumulation by fixing any broken plumbing and draining
out the stagnant water after a heavy rainfall that ended up flooding your house.

 The water that seeps into carpets and walls, or the stagnant water somewhere in home can cause the moisture level in the air to
increase considerably. High concentration of moisture in air is not only bad for people with breathing problems, it also slows down
drying process. Hence dehumidifying is the next step.

 Increased moisture in air and soaking wet carpets and walls also bring with them a lot of bacteria and mold. This has to be taken
care of immediately and effectively, as superficial cleaning and treatment will not properly rid the house of mold and bacteria and
will cause further damage.

 Finally, the company might also use some machinery to dry the walls, carpets and other household items, as well as use a heavy-
duty dehumidifier to dry the air of moisture.

All of these steps are essential and required to restore your home properly. Do not hesitate in calling a profession company to help you out
during difficult times, which will save your house and keep your family safe.

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