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5 Intricate Designs You Can Do With A Wood Router

A router is a hand tool that routs an area on wood, metal, or plastic. Operations such as decorative moldings, cabinetry are carried out using a router by cutting patterns, edges, and grooves on materials.

A table mounted router can give you more versatility. However, you need to have a router lift to get the most benefits out of it. You can either buy or DIY a lift. Check these FREE diy router lift plans (My site link please remove this bracketed text while publishing.)
Discussed below are the 5 things you can do with a router.

1. Bevel a Frame: Frames such as picture frames can be created using a router. Why pay the high cost of a professional framer to do something you can do yourself? You can start by shaping the outer and inner edges of the frame with the use of a router. Do well to check for ways to make a picture frame with a router and follow the instructions.

2. Create a Rounded Edge: For woodworkers who make tables or benches that begin with a square edge, a rounded edge can be created with the use of a router. Rounded edges enhance the aesthetics of a material. Creating a rounded edge with a router also helps in eliminating sharp edges on furniture to avoid injury.

3. Make a Sign: One of the uses of a router is that you can make beautiful signs of your choice. It can be a business sign, hospital sign, toilet sign, home sign, etc. All you need to get this done is a piece of wood and a router. Use a round nose, v-groove, or square end router bit to draw your design such as hollowing out the lettering onto the piece of wood. You can also carve intricate designs with the use of other bits.

4. Make a Raised Panel Doors: Raised panel doors have been the hallmark of fine cabinetry in recent times but many woodworkers and hobbyists assume it takes years of expertise for making a cabinet door.

Raised panels are used for replacing old cabinet doors, lift bookshelves, etc. This is a complex project that needs expertise in using a router. tart by milling the parts of a sturdy, flat, and square frame.

5.Make a Cutting Board: A cutting board can be made by rounding the edges of a rectangular piece of wood. The piece can be finished by hollowing out a groove on 1”-2” from the edge of the rectangular board.

You need a table saw, router, cover bit, and round over bit as tools to make a cutting board. It is advised to use close-grained woods to make a cutting board. For better results, make sure you sand very well, apply mineral oil, and wash to get rid of dust from the sanding.

A router can be used for many operations because it is the single most versatile woodworking tool available. Now that you have an idea of what you can do with a router, the next step is to see them in practice.

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