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4 Unique and Quirky Ways to Decorate Your Home

Your home is your castle and every castle is unique. Making your home unique and to your exact style can take a bit of creative and out of the box thinking. By utilising the unique items on the market and finding the ones that match your style, you can create a look for your house that matches exactly what you want. Thankfully there are plenty of quirky and different items out there that you can purchase that will add this style to your home.

Artificial potted plants
Adding some greenery to your home is an easy and low maintenance way to add some color and vibrance without sacrificing style. Artificial plants range from small cacti clusters to larger stand-alone trees (space dependent obviously) and everything in between.

With a range of colors and plant styles out there, there is definitely something that will match whatever look you decide to go for. There are several inexpensive options out there so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what you can come up with.

Animal style
For the animal lover in you, there are many examples of unique and stylish animal models out there to fill the space in your home. From ceramic chickens to scrap metal giraffes (yes they exist), you can find something unique and quirky that suits you.

Faux taxidermy is also an excellent way to add a unique look to your rooms. Faux taxidermy is material replicas of actual mounted animals. However, they are built in a much more stylish and abstract manner in order to add a stylish look to your house.

Varying in size and style from full deer heads replete with antlers to small bronze lions heads there are enough choices out there to find one that suits you.

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Upcycled goods
Upcycled goods can be anything you want them to be, whether made by yourself or purchased elsewhere. Anything can be upcycled if you try, from jukeboxes turned into cabinets to railway sleepers turned into mirrors.

If unique is what you are going for then let your imagination run wild. If you decide against purchasing from a third party, then upcycling is going to take a bit of imagination, but the items you get from your creative thinking are unique to your home and your home only. Have a look at what old furniture you have spare and see what you can make out of it

Hand-made holidays
Instead of purchasing pre-made holiday decorations, consider getting the whole family involved in making home-made decorations instead. Turning yearly shopping trips into family craft time is a fun way to decorate your house with unique and fun items that only you have.

Don’t be afraid to really push the boat out and get creative with your decorations. Making them as fun and unique as possible is the goal. If you end up creating something very special, make sure to keep it to one side and re-use it again the next time the holiday comes around. Eventually, you will end up with a whole treasure trove of unique and quirky decorations for any holiday.

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