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The Top Houseplant Trends For 2020

It is every homeowner’s dream to beautify the interior of his or her house. As we head into 2020, this will become easy and enjoyable due to the variety of houseplants available for interior decor.

Moreover, there are florists that can get you ahead of the crowd with excellent indoor plant combinations. With their advice, you can rest assured that the interior decor of your house will be splendid. Below are the top houseplants that you should endeavor to get and make an impression to your visitors with your decoration prowess.

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Plants That Harmonize With Blue
Pantone, a company best known for its Color Matching System, has named classic blue as the 2020 color. This implies that we do not expect blue to go away soon and will be the theme color for the whole of the year.

With that in mind, it would be best to consider plants that match nicely with blue. Some of the plants that will blend in with blue include Dracaena limelight, Sansevieria, Calatheas (especially orbifolia), and bird of paradise.

The Money Tree
Pachira aquatic, as it is commonly known, will be 2020’s trendiest indoor plant. The stem of this plant is braided and provides interesting foliage that brings to mind both a tree and a palm.

Feng Shui, a Chinese origin art of arranging one’s physical environment to bring about positive change, indicates that the money tree brings positive energy and good luck to its caretaker. Does this mean that the caretaker may get more fortunes and make more money? Let us make this houseplant part of the decorations and find out!

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Houseplants with Colorful Foliage
Houseplants with pink leaves have been a recent trend. The favorites have been snake plants and pothos, which have splashes of white on their usually green leaves (known as variegation).

In 2020, such houseplants with interesting colors and patterns on their leaves will attract even more enthusiasts. If you want to sell the house keep that in mind, because bright-color houseplants play a big role in the home interior, and as a result, affect buyer’s impression of the whole house. Some multicolored foliage like crotons, Chinese evergreens, and stromanthe will also become trendy.

Other plants worth considering include:
-Marantas such as red prayer plant and neon prayer plant
-Alocasias such as Polly and pink dragon
-Tradescantias such as the purple-magenta-tinged zebrine
-Split leaf philodendrons such as the finer leaf Adansonii variety and Monstera deliciosa

Cacti and Euphorbias
Cacti and members of the cacti-looking euphorbia genus have been some of the best houseplants in recent years. That is because they are generally super interesting looking and easy to care for.

Cacti flowers are often brilliantly flashy and showy, while Euphorbia flowers are often a pale greenish-yellow color. These houseplants are often grown for their architectural shapes and fascinating foliage.

Maranta Red Prayer Plant
Any prayer plant folds its leaves at night as though in prayer, hence its common name. The maranta red prayer plant has leaves with bright red lateral veins.

In addition, it has an over-feathered mid-rib, light greenish-yellow center, and greenish-black background. This pattern of color and complexion makes it a perfect match for interior decor in 2020.

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