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How To Brew Espresso Outdoors


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Going camping, trekking, swimming, or hiking? Going outdoors is more fun when you have a drink of your espresso, especially if you’re used to drinking espresso to spice up your day. Thankfully, you can still do so even when you’re outdoors.

Have fun and sip your espresso while watching that sunset, sunrise, or nature. If you’re worrying whether you could have the same espresso even without that espresso machine, then don’t. There are many ways to brew your espresso even without that machine. Here are some ways on how you can do so:

Bring The Right Beans
Before anything else, pack the right beans for your espresso so that you’ll still have the same caffeine kick and intense flavor. You can still bring regular coffee beans, but don’t expect that distinct espresso taste.

It’s because espresso beans have been roasted darker and blended with other special beans. Thus, the espresso blend doesn’t contain only one base of beans.

Aside from that, you must consider the espresso’s freshness. It means you should bring freshly roasted beans or beans that have been roasted up to two weeks to two months. Alongside your portable espresso gadget , remember to tightly pack the espresso blend to avoid its exposure to make brewing a lot easier.

Heat The Water
Aside from the espresso blend, another factor that can affect the taste of your espresso is the water you use. Since you’re outdoors, it’s best to bring bottles of water. If not, you can bring a water filter to have natural water before using it.

What’s important is to use clean water when brewing so that it won’t affect the taste while keeping your tummy safe, too. It’s even best to bring the same water you use at home for brewing to make your espresso taste the same.

Then, it’s time to boil your water up to 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine it with your ground espresso.

As to the water and espresso ratio, 15-18ml of water to 1g of coffee is the general ratio. However, depending on the portable gadgets you use, the ratio may vary. When you’re outdoors, getting the right ratio may seem complicated, but it’ll still depend on your preference.
If you want a stronger espresso, then you should use less water. On the other hand, less concentrated espresso means you’d have to use more water.

Use A French Press
Now that the essential ingredients for your espresso are ready, it’s time to brew. One of the easiest ways to brew espresso is to use a French press. Since it’s a manual machine, you need to pre-heat it. That way, you can achieve a quality espresso through its thermal stability and
temperature while getting the health benefits of your espresso .
● Do this by filling up your French press with warm water. Let it stay on it for a few minutes so that you can make a full-bodied, warm espresso.
● Then, insert a double amount of espresso grounds on the French press. Do this if you’ve got finer grounds. Thus, you’ll need a ratio of 1 cup of water to two tablespoons of your espresso grounds.
● When adding the heated water, start with a small amount up to half of your French press.
Then, add the rest of the water after a few minutes. Let it stay for a few more minutes to
achieve a more flavorful espresso.
● Also, stir the mixture before putting the French press lid, but not totally pressing it down. This is vital to keep the heat from going out of the French press while brewing.
● After some time, you can now press down the lid slowly. Pour it in your cup and enjoy sipping your espresso.

Brew With An Aeropress
Another way to brew an espresso when you’re out is to use an Aeropress. It’s compact and easy to use, so you can bring it anywhere outside your homes. What’s even more exciting is it’s much cheaper than a cafe espresso machine. Moreover, you can brew your espresso in less than five minutes.
● First, prepare your Aeropress by attaching the metal filter to the filter cap. Then, put its
plunger halfway through its brewing chamber.

● Pour the espresso grounds into the Aeropress.
● Similar to the French press, pour the water slowly but over the ground espresso.
● After reaching the amount of water you prefer, shake the Aeropress so that the espresso
water around the chamber will slosh around it.
● Lastly, start plunging after you place the Aeropress on top of your cup. This’ll only take about five to ten seconds.

Hand Brew Your Espresso
If you’re looking for a compact, economical, and lightweight machine to brew your espresso, then try hand brewing your espresso. Especially if you’re an on-the-go person, hand espresso machine has fewer components than other devices out there, which makes it easy to pack.

It only has an adjoining arm for pouring the hot water and a pod for your espresso grounds. Thus, it’s a lot smaller than the Aeropress or French press. With this, you can surely use it anywhere you go.

Most hand espresso machines don’t even need a battery or electricity to make it work. You can simply use your hands! The simplicity and ease of use allow you to use it for making more than a cup of espresso. So, if you’re with a group of espresso-holics, then it’s easy to brew many cups of espresso.

Here’s how you can hand brew your espresso:
● Put the espresso grounds in the pod following the indicated line on it.
● Then, pour the hot water of the hand espresso machines’ cavity.
● Depending on how big or what specific brand of hand espresso machine you use, you’ll
need to pump it according to the required pressure level. Do this by gripping the top of the device.
● Lastly, extract the espresso onto your cup while holding the hand espresso device. After this, you’re now ready to say that robust and rich espresso of yours.


Don’t worry about not having your espresso shot when you’re outside your home. Because of many innovations, you can drink your espresso wherever you go without bringing your espresso machine. As long as you’ve got the necessary ingredients and gadgets, you’re good to brew.
Don’t forget your freshly ground espresso.

Then, boil the water to its required temperature for better espresso extraction. Then, use a French press for brewing an espresso without the hassle of electricity or you can use an Aeropress if you prefer pressure to make your espresso.

You can also bring that hand espresso machine anywhere to pump your espresso shot without bulky or heavy gadgets. Thus, your daily dose of caffeine is complete even when you’re not at home.


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