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3 of the Best Graphic Design Software for Mac

Get creative this summer! Here are 3 of the best graphic design software for Macs..

Have you recently splashed out on a new Mac computer? It’s not surprising if you’ve decided to make the leap as they are great machines. Every year brand new models are launched that improve the user experience and add new features such as the new MacBook Pro 16 Inch that was recently unreviled with a new magic keyboard.

If this is you and you love all things designing then you’ll probably be keen to download some of the best graphic design software that will help you pursue your passion or get that graphic design job you’ve always wanted. Here’s everything you need to know about design software for Mac.

1. Photoshop By Adobe
The undisputed king of design software, Adobe is the software you need to create great pictures or designs.

It can really help you improve any photos you take or edit them entirely to make it look like there was another person in your photo, a different background or to even change the color of some of the outfits in the photo.

Some of the tasks you can end up doing including cropping photos so that you can focus on one particular part of the image. You can also remove blemishes from the images which can make the photos look dirty and dated.

Everything about Photoshop is smooth and you can rest assured that any bugs will soon be investigated and new features added all the time. Why? Because this is the professionals’ program of choice.Photoshop is compatible with both Mac and Windows machines so be sure to purchase and download the edition you want and get drawing.

2. Corel Draw
Corel design is the program for web designers and graphic designers rather than for those who want to deal with real-life photos.  You can edit vectors with some amazing results.

One of the great things about this software is the fact that you can customize the menu bar so that you can have the tools that are relevant to your design on display and easy to reach at any time. There are also a huge amount of plug-ins that you can add-in.

It’s a great program for working with large files that other more basic graphic design programs might struggle to handle. Previously one of the downsides of working with a program like Corel Draw was that it only worked on Windows. However, as of 2020, there is now a version of Corel Draw for Mac. So now all users can enjoy this amazing software.

Although the software can be quite expensive starting at around $300 per year for an annual subscription or $650 to buy the software outright, Corel Draw is the standard in the graphic design industry.

3. InDesign By Adobe
But what about if you’re not a web designer or a photo editor and instead work on glossy magazines and newspapers? Then InDesign by Adobe is the application for you.

This software is amazing because it allows you to design a newspaper or magazine in its entirety so that its ready to go to the printers.
It’s used by professional magazine and newspaper editors and designers to layout the pages after the final copy is filled by journalists. Everything is then edited and fine-tuned on-page to fit the final product.

InDesign can even be used by those who just want to design a newsletter or a brochure for a small print run. Even if it’s an amateur project, the program makes any small project seem professional which can be important for helping you establish your brand or service.

You can in a host of plugins from Behance to Typekit to make your project look professional and exactly how you want it.

Multi-Device Syncing 

The great thing about InDesign is that there are apps not just for Mac but also for iOs and iPad OS so you can work on your projects on the go. Furthermore, Adobe Create Sync allows you to ensure your files are continuously synced via the cloud.

Maybe you want to work on something in your MacBook Air 2020, perhaps because you need to do some text editing and need a keyboard, but then feel like using a tablet. You switch over to your iPad with no issue.

With Apple’s Sidecar feature if you have both an iPad and Mac then you can easily move features across from one screen to the other. And this makes copy and paste on Mac and iPad so much easier.

Best Graphic Design Software? It Depends On Your Project If you’re looking for the best design software for Mac then the chances are it will depend upon the project you are working on at the time.

If you are a newspaper or magazine editor or you work voluntarily on a community newsletter than InDesign can be a great investment. It allows you to do on-page text editing as well as editing the graphics themselves.

You can also sync InDesign with iPads and iPhones so that you can work on your projects on the go. If you are editing photos then the best software to use would be Adobe Photoshop, the industry- standard tool that is used by most professionals for editing out blemishes and changing some of the key components of photos.

Finally, if designing graphics is your thing then Corel Draw is the best program to use. If you are interested in reading more about the best graphic design software for Macs or the best design software then be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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