Why the Air Filter you Choose Really Matters

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Most people don’t pay much attention to the air filters they use in their AC system.

Whether it’s leaving it too long between changing out the filter or buying the cheapest option without considering the factors that impact the lifespan of the filter, there’s more to air filters than you might think. Here are some of the reasons why the air filter you choose matters.

Reasons to Choose a High-Quality Air Filter
A good quality air filter that is changed regularly is of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining good health. There are numerous reasons to pay attention to which air filter you’re using.

Filter King provides high-quality air filters delivered to your door, in a host of different sizes, so you can ensure you choose the right filter for your HVAC system by using this air filter size chart.

One of the main reasons to think about the air filter you’re using in the system is that high- quality HEPA filters remove moisture and mold from the air.

If the filter isn’t efficient enough to remove the moisture, this can lead to mold to spread through the property which can cause bacteria to be filtered through the air and respiratory problems.

Poor quality air filters can also cause damage to the AC system – dust and contaminants can lead to strain being put on the system, potentially shortening the lifespan of the unit.

The disrupted air flow that ill-fitting air filters or filters that are the wrong type for your system can mean that they are less efficient in trapping dust and debris. This can restrict how many particles are prevented from entering the home, leading to allergens and dust to irritate your respiratory system.

If particles get trapped on the cooling coils of the unit, it can affect performance and while simple AC maintenance can avoid this happening, if it gets neglected, it could result in costly repairs.

Another reason to pay attention to the air filters you use is that the wrong filters or dirty filters can lead to higher energy bills, as the air conditioning system will have to work harder to maintain the right temperature.

MERV Ratings MERV ratings let you know how efficient a filter is and you should always pay attention to the rating of the air filters you buy.

The cheapest disposable filters are fiberglass filters, and these meet the minimum MERV rating of 2 or 3. They’re designed to protect the inner workings of the system rather than improve your indoor air quality.

Higher end permanent filters range from MERV 12 or higher, but most homeowners will be comfortable with a ranking of between four and eight. For people with allergies or asthma, or those who live with pets, higher MERV ratings are probably more appropriate as these will be more efficient.

However, if you have pets or live with someone who smokes, ensure that you still replace the filters regularly to keep them working as effectively as possible.

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