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How to Make a Tiny Bathroom Feel Larger


A tiny bathroom can be a major challenge, especially if it is the master bath or the only bath in the house. Unless you have the budget to renovate, you need to make the most of that space.


Let’s look at 11 ways you can make that tiny bathroom feel larger.

1. Add Wall Art
Add wall art such as poster prints to your small space to give it presence and visual appeal. Don’t clutter the space with a lot of art though. Go for a large statement piece or group smaller pieces into one large display.

You can use this piece of art as the inspiration for other elements in the room.

2. Recess shelving and cabinets into the wall
Add a shampoo/soap niche in the shower or tub. Recess your linen closet into the wall if possible. Install a medicine cabinet that recesses into the wall instead of hangs on the outside.

Taking all or part of the storage out of the bathroom space will expand the usable space and make it appear larger.
3. Use a light colored wall color

Lighter colors, like light gray, beige, and cream, makes the space feel open and airy. For maximum appeal, take the same color up to the ceiling. It will give the eyes a seamless transition which makes the space look bigger.

Using the same color on the ceiling can make odd angles blend into the background.
4. Add a sizable mirror
Mirrors reflect what’s in front of them. When you look in the mirror, you see the room doubled in size. When the mirror reflects light, it brightens the space and makes it seem even more expansive.

A large mirror has the most impact, especially if it reaches to the ceiling. Trim it in wood or tile, then add lighting in front of it.
5. Blend the tile and wall color
When the color of your wall tile and the color of the wall have too much contrast, it visually cuts the room in half. Select a tile that is light in color and go with a closely matching wall color. It will make the two transition seamlessly, keeping the space visually whole.
6. Choose clear glass shower doors
Textured glass acts as a visual barrier in the room. Clear glass creates a seamless look that doesn’t crowd the space. Another option is to use a shower curtain that’s kept open when not in use. The idea is to keep the shower space open to the room to expand the room as far as possible.
7. Add more light
Natural light is the best option in a bathroom, especially when applying makeup. If you have windows, allow the light to come in. Remove window coverings that block natural light.

If privacy is a concern, install translucent blinds that allow the light in without allowing someone to see inside. If the room doesn’t have a window, consider installing a solar tube or small skylight. It will bring light in without the need to cut a hole in the wall. 

Upgrade and enhance the lighting in the room. Add a light bar above the sink. Install can lighting above the tub and shower. Replace bulbs with LEDs that emit cooler light. This avoids the yellowish cast of other bulbs.
8. Organize your beauty products
Clutter on the counter makes any space feel smaller than it really is. Cosmetic organizers are an easy way to keep beauty products in order.

They look good and keep everything contained in one place for easy selection and a less cluttered look. Go for a color that blends into the counter or wall color.

9. Add a floating vanity
A standard bath vanity takes up a lot of floor space. It is also visually bulky. A floating vanity offers a similar amount of storage, but is visually lighter. It also offers a modern update to the space.
10. Eliminate clutter
It’s easy for a bathroom to get cluttered. Go through everything you keep in the bathroom. If you don’t use it at least a few times a week, remove it from the room. Get rid of anything you no longer need or use. Organize the rest to keep the room looking clean and uncluttered.
11. Remove the linen closet
If you have a built-in linen closet, remove it. The walls of a built-in closet are usually 4.5 inches thick. If the closet has two sides, that’s 9 inches of space lost. Instead, use a standalone cabinet that fits the space.

It will give you more storage while using less floor space. These tips will help you make the most of the space in your tiny bathroom. Which of these tips will you start with?

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