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Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Professional Companies Follow

Today on COM it is all about the “Different Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Professional Companies Follow”

Carpet cleaning must be an essential part of your lifestyle, literally. It is one piece of your house that is hundred percent mistreated unintentionally – most walked upon, spews target, absented- minded food spills, pet pee, mud, dust, and dirt – your carpet goes through a lot.

If you must look after the health of your people living in your house, you should deep clean your carpets and upholsteries at least once a year depending upon the foot traffic. When we say deep cleaning, we are not denoting residential vacuum cleaners.

What we are saying is hiring a professional carpet cleaning company having heavy-duty equipment, best knowledge, and good quality cleaning products.

Can you find the difference between your carpet and your neighbor’s? Did you know each carpet type calls for a different cleaning approach? A professional cleaner will know the difference and use the exact method to deep clean carpets without damaging its fiber and fabric.
Generally, carpet cleaning companies perform 4 types of cleaning methods. You must be aware of these before you invest your money.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning
In this method, the carpet is dry vacuumed first, then it is pre-treated with an encapsulating chemical. A rotatory machine is used to penetrate the cleaning solution to the carpet fibers.

A crystal layer is formed on the carpet surface after the solution dries, which encapsulates the soil and dirt. It is then removed using a regular vacuum cleaner. This method is best for commercial carpets that require frequent cleaning.

Host Cleaning
This technique is also known as dry powder cleaning or absorbent compound cleaning. In here, the carpet is first dry-vacuumed. Then a wet compound, resembling sawdust is sprayed on the surface of the carpet. This compound dissolves in the carpet fiber agitating the dust and dirt.

After a while, the compound is sucked out with a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. It is fairly inexpensive and keeps the carpet dry. However, it is not capable of performing deep cleansing and not recommended for heavy-foot traffic carpets.

Absorbent Pad Cleaning
Can also be called as dry cleaning, the absorbent pad carpet cleaning method uses a self- neutralizing liquid detergent, which is sprinkled on the surface of the carpet to attract soil.

The liquid solution slowly breaks down the soil molecule, loosening its grip. Then, instead of a vacuum cleaner, a buffing machine, which has a replaceable, absorbent pad attached on the bottom, is moved across the surface to soak up the cleaning solution along with the dissolved soil deposits. The pad is changed once it gets dirty.

Steam Cleaning
This is the most recommended type of carpet cleaning as it powerfully sucks up all dirt, grime, urine, and other contaminated stuff from the carpet fiber and sanitizes it thoroughly.

A pre- treating chemical is sprayed on the carpet, which breaks down the dirt deposits. Then the solution is washed with pressurized, hot water rinse. After this, a powerful steam cleaner is used to suck up the hot water solution from deep within the carpet bedding.

Your carpet cleaning company will examine your carpet condition and suggest the most suitable method of cleaning.

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