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Do You Give Your Lawn Enough Attention?

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Mowing the lawn is a mandatory duty. Typically, people want to cut the grass after it has grown bushy. The truth is, caring for your lawn requires more than cutting the grass and sprinkling water every morning.

With professional Tampa Lawn Mowing Services, you can learn so much about how to take care of your lawn.

Additionally, some of these companies are happy to ensure that your grass is always neat and outstanding even when the rains are lost. If you are looking for ways of taking care of your lawn, then the following tips should help.

Keep it three centimeters high
When you cut your grass too short, you will be exposing it to various risks. First of all, it will be vulnerable to attack by pests like termites and even infections.

Also, you will have interfered with the way it manufactures food; hence it might take longer for your grass to grow and get
that beautiful green color back. By keeping your grass three centimeters high, you will be encouraging healthy growth. Cutting your grass too low will also make your grass less resistant to drought.

Don’t cut grass when it’s too dry or too wet
If you have been keen, the grass usually is cut in the morning when there is still dew. That is because, at that time, the grass is softer. It, however, does not mean that you should cut the grass when the weather is excessively wet because you risk uprooting your grass.

Keep your new grass well watered When planting grass on your lawn, you need to make sure that they get enough water in the
first few weeks. That way, you shall be allowing your grass to establish firm anchorage.

Even after your lawn have grown, you will want to keep watering them regularly especially during dry a spell.

Ensure grass is well aerated

When you want your grass to grow uniformly with rich green blades, then you need to ensure that they get enough air supply. With good aeration, you will also be discouraging the weeds from growing plus; you will be improving the soil drainage.

Watch out for weeds
These can be a significant threat to your grass because they destroy the roots of your grass. You, therefore, need to make sure that any weed spotted on your lawn is uprooted immediately.

Also, it is good to know that there are different ways of dealing with weeds. For ones that prefer a more acidic soil for growth, you can use garden lime which is alkaline to prevent their growth and spread.


Caring for your lawn needs a serious dedication that most people lack. That is why you can always trust lawn mowing companies to take care of your grass. It is also imperative to know that there are different types of grass. 

Make sure that you go for the right one because grass can be sensitive to a lot of things which determine their growth.

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