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8 Genius Jewelry Hacks Every Woman Should Know


If nature is a woman, flowers are her jewelry. If ocean is a woman, Sun and moon are her jewelry. Like stars in the sky, jewelry adds even more glitter and sparkle to a woman’s look.

Jewelry for a woman is much, much more than just a piece or a few pieces of ornaments. A woman’s jewelry tells her story and speaks for her when she is quiet.

While some women prefer chunky funky pieces while others go for highly sophisticated luxurious collections. No matter what kind of jewelry you’re wearing, it is essential to take care and handle it properly, as most jewelry is created out of delicate materials which are prone to rust, corrosion, dullness or breaking. To help you with your jewelry care taking, here are eight amazing jewelry hacks.

1. Use Straw Sticks for Storage
If you have one of those sterling silver anklets, trinkets or chains which are too thin to be folded, or which might get entangled, this hack is just perfect for you.

Before storing the chain or jewelry piece in your storage box, slip it inside a straw stick to prevent it from
tangling. Use for multiple pieces. If still you see a chance of the chains tangling, you might brush it off with baby powder or baby oil.

2. Use Soda, Vinegar, Beer or Ketchup
Usually gold and silver jewelry is no humor. It comes at a cost after all. No one likes this noble metal jewelry to tarnish, corrode or turn dull.

To give off a fresh polished look to your gold and silver jewelry, you can clean them up using substances recipes such as beer, soda, vinegar and ketchup. For gold jewelry, beer, soda or vinegar is best while for silver ornaments, ketchup holds the key.

3. Use Stationary Clips for bracelets
Bracelets, generally aren’t that sturdy to bear heavy burdens or exhaustion’s. If your bracelet too has broken its fastening clasp, that doesn’t mean you need to throw it away.

You can replace those clasps by stringing paper clips in the place instead. Yes, little paper clips can go a long way in using faux connectors in your jewelry.

4. Use Glue to Reduce the Size of the Ring
It’s your friend’s wedding and you want to wear one of the rings from your mom’s boxes. But when the D-day arrives and you try out that ring on your finger, it turns out to be looser than your finger size.

Let’s accept it, that kind of events happens quite often. So what could you do if you happen to reduce the size of your ring? Simple. Just take a drop of silicon adhesive or glue, and plop it on a cardboard. Insert your ring into the drop, let it dry and upon drying, peel off the excess adhesive. Your small ring is ready to wear!

5. Use Bracelets for Necklace Extension
Sometimes, a necklace is designed to go with nearly any and every fashion however, what comes in between is its length. If you wish to increase the length of your necklace chain without modifying its design, you can apply bracelets by marrying the ends of the bracelets with necklace clasps.

6. Create your personal jewelry collection

Some chains, preferably in silver or metal, a few glass beads, leftover beads, pearls, pins, some hooks and metal clasps; this is all it takes to create your own collection of jewelry. For stringing the beads, you can also employ thread instead of chain.

7. Use Nail Paints to Color Your Jewelry
Especially the jewelry containing faux crystals, seed beads or rhinestones can be converted to colorful with the application of nail paints. Take some colored nail paint bottles and neatly, brush off your jewelry with them, thus, adding color to the jewelry

8. Use Coconut Buttons for Earrings
If your pairs of earrings are spilled everywhere around your dressing table drawers and powder room, it’s time to organize. You can use the holes in coconut buttons to store your stud earrings. Use many buttons for different pairs, then keep the buttons in a box
or tuck them to a wall hanging.

Gorgeous jewelry means even more gorgeous you. And as they say, every woman deserves to look gorgeous. So do you!

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