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5 Homemade Crafts Which Are Perfect For Your Bathroom

Creating handmade products is a simple way to add a personal touch to your home. Whilst many of us lack the time and creativity to do this, there are some easy things you can make to bring character to your interiors.

One space which is sometimes overlooked when creating handmade objects, is your bathroom. Nowadays, with crafting increasing in popularity, there are plenty of bathroom craft ideas for you to try.

Here are five of our favorites.

1. Get knotty with a Macrame plant hanger

Our first craft is a quick and easy way to add greenery to your bathroom, even when you’re lacking in shelf space. With your own macrame plant hanger, you can hang pot plants from your ceiling, rather than having to place them on surfaces, which is especially effective with trailing plants like ivy.

To create your own macrame plant hanger, you’ll need some lengths of twisted cotton cord, a large ring made from either wood or metal and a wall hook.

YouTube Macrame Plant Holder video

2. Scrub up well with organic soap

With the amount of shampoo and shower gel that the average family gets through, plenty of plastic gets wasted. One way you can help save the planet is to make your own organic soap.

To make your own organic soap, you’ll need your own choice of fragrances, soap compound (which you can buy online), soap molds, petals, a pipette, a dish and mixing spoon. You’ll also need access to a microwave.

3. Create a world of plant life with a terrarium
What is a terrarium, I hear you cry?

Well, much like the macrame hanger, it’s a simple way to add plant life to your bathroom space. Usually containing a few shrubs or plants in an enclosed, see- through container, terrariums are great fun to make. In fact, it’s a quick and easy way to refresh any room in your home.

To create your own terrarium, you’ll need a transparent container (a traditional gold fish bowl is ideal), some plants of your own choosing, activated charcoal, soil, moss, small pebbles and draining stones, plus some water.

YouTube DIY Terrarium video

4. Get fizzy with bath bombs

Made from a tightly-compacted combination of ingredients, bath bombs fizz theatrically when dropped into water, releasing fragrance and color for an indulgent bathing experience. The great thing is, you can easily make your own, or create as a personal gift for a loved one. All you need is

The following ingredients: 300g bicarbonate of soda, 100g citric acid, 15ml of fragrance or essential oils (choose your own personal favorites) and a couple of drops of food coloring. You will also need molds, which could simply be empty yogurt pots or ice cube trays.

YouTube DIY Bath Bombs video

YouTube Homemade Organic Soap video

5. Get green-fingered with a living wall
To create the feel of being in the great outdoors, you can make your own living wall. Also known as a vertical garden, a living wall usually contains lots of different plants, which sit within a frame, creating an uninterrupted green surface.

To make your own living wall, you will need to construct your own frame from wood. Aside from that, all you’ll need is some bin liners or heavy duty plastic sheeting, a staple gun, soil and your own choice of shrubs.

If you’ve been inspired to create a living wall, why not find out more easy ways to make your bathroom eco-friendly? We hope you’ve enjoyed these five craft ideas for your bathroom. There are loads more to try, so you’ll never run out of fun things to do.

YouTube DIY Wall Garden

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