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3 Fun Things to Build From Leftover Plumbing PVC Pipes


When you hear of PVC pipes you probably start thinking, where can I find plumbers near me in San Jose, and you would be forgiven for doing so. However, there are loads of other things that PVC pipes can be used for if you employ a little creativity. We share only three out of the many there are below:

Summer Camp Chairs

You remember the cute little stools on which you and your siblings used to sit in the back lawn when you were little? Those were the good times. Well, you can have them again, but this time for your kids using leftover PVC pipe.

● A yard of canvas or ripstop nylon for bigger, heavier kids
● 3-inch bolts and nuts
● 8 PVC elbows
● Four 15-inch PVC tubes
● Two 10-inch PVC tubes
● Two 7-inch PVC tubes
All PVC pieces are 1-inch rounds.

1. Cut your canvas 7×18 inches, making sure that the portion that you intend to act as the seat has at least 8 inches. 2. Embroider or finish the edges of the canvas if you so desire.

3. Measure 2.5 inches for the casing and sew it onto each side of the canvas, enough to slide through the PVC pipe.
PVC Seat:
1. Drill a hole in the middle of all four 15-inch pieces.
2. Slide one 7-inch and one 10-inch PVC pipe through opposite ends of a canvas seat. They act as top pieces.
3. With the same 7-inch and 10-inch PVC pipe pieces, connect the 15-inch PVC pieces to make two rectangles, one with a 7-inch width and the other with a 10-inch width.
4. Criss-cross your rectangles so that the drilled holes on the 15-inch PVC pipe align. Bolt and nut everything together.

Toothbrush Holders

● 1-inch PVC tube
● PVC end caps, enough to cater for each holder
● PVC pipe cutter
● Command hooks
● Stickers or vinyl
● Drill press

1. Cut your pipes into 4 1/4-inch tubes
2. Drill a hole about 1/2 inch on the back of each tube. The back side is where all the writings are.
3. Add end caps. Don’t use glue so that you can disassemble to wash later.
4. Cut your vinyl initials and label each tube.
5. Set your command hooks on a surface of your choice. Wait for an hour for the glue to settle before attaching your holder.

Soccer Goal

● Two 10-foot long schedule 40 PVC pipes at 3/4 inches wide
● Six schedule 40 right-angle pieces
● 4 schedule 40 PVC tees
1. Cut your 10-foot long PVC pipes in the following manner: Four pieces cut to 6 inches long, four pieces cut to 18 inches long, two pieces cut to 24 inches long and two pieces cut to 31 inches length.

2. Join all the pieces together, adding the 31-inch diagonal pipes last. You may have to shorten the 31-inch pieces just a little to make them fit. There is no need for glue.

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