Halloween Porch Decor| 2017

Hi everyone, I am bringing you all my Halloween Porch Decor|2017. I wanted to keep the Halloween decor minimal, so I added a few jack-o-lanterns and my “Skeleton Steve.” I still wanted to showcase my pretty simple fall decor with out over doing it with Halloween decor. Anyway, I don’t have a whole lot else to share minus I will be sharing some more recipes and more holiday posts in the very near future. Sorry this is so short. I hope you all enjoy what I did to my porch, and thank you for stopping by the blog today.

Here are some more Halloween Ideas. 

Source Here

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Thank you again for visiting, I hope some of these awesome ideas inspire you all this fall/Halloween season. Jen


  1. Looks great, you have such an eye for decorating!

  2. These ideas are awesome. I really like the way you decorate. So glad that I stumble on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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