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DIY| Put Your Tween’s Bed in The Closet for More Room

Hi everyone, today I am sharing how I put my tween’s bed in her closet to allow her more space in her small bedroom. When we bought our house over a year ago, I was thrilled that it had 5 bedrooms and a 6th if we finish the back room off our patio. Now even though the rooms are all small, and we have a small cottage like home (that I love btw), I new it would be a challenge to make room for beds and dressers mainly in the kids bedrooms. I have moved Bella (my daughters) bed in two other positions in her room, but new that if I tucked part of her bed into her closet, we would gain just over a foot of space. So that is what I did last weekend. I wasn’t sure of the look, until I hung some sheer curtains to frame out the closet frame and then took a bunch of cut fabric and looped it over the closet pole.

Once the closet was framed out in some fabric and such, creating a cozy-princess like space, it made the bed look so much better. I decorated the top closet shelf with stuff my daughter loves, as well as her gallery walls. I want her room to always reflect the things she likes, i.e. color, unicorns, pineapples, pink, mint, yellow etc. Now, I realize a lot of  you may be wondering where her clothes, “dresses” are? I know when I shared her room on my Instagram stories a few days ago, I kept getting DM’S about that. If you notice in the pictures she does have a dresser, for clothes, as well as a deep closet cupboard, that is barely showing in the one image. It has a DIY chalkboard painted on it. Anyway, I hung a pole inside the closet cupboard for her dresses and jackets. She also keeps shoes in a cute mint basket on the side of her bed under her window, as well as in a larger basket in our entry closet. 

If any of you are struggling with a small bedroom space for your child/tween/teen, try moving or positioning their bed in their closet. I have seen on Pinterest some really cute cribs in closets too. Now, all that said, I realize most closets aren’t like mine. Our house is 42 years old, so our closets are small like the bedrooms. None, the less I hope this posts helps you all, or inspires you if you are having small room space issues. 

tween girls bedroom decor tween girls bedroom decor3

tween girls bedroom decor34

tween girls bedroom decor4

tween girls bedroom decor5

tween girls bedroom decor6

tween girls bedroom decor8

Moving a bench I thrifted and painted a few years ago, across from her bed, creating a great little sitting area for her and her friends. Plus it fits perfectly on the wall under her cute gallery wall stuff. 

tween girls bedroom decor7

tween girls bedroom decor10

tween girls bedroom decor11

tween girls bedroom decor12

tween girls bedroom decor13

If you guys have any questions about anything in here room i.e. stuff? please leave me a comment and I would be happy to reply. Thank you guys so much for visiting the blog today and checking out today’s post. 

xo jen

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  1. It’s a super idea for kids bedroom and excellent decorations.
    I really love that..thank you very much for sharing.

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