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4 Practical Ways to Prepare for Winter Emergencies

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Today on COM we are talking about “4 Practical Ways to Prepare for Winter Emergencies”
Now that the year is rapidly drawing to a close, you’ve probably noticed a distinctive chill in the air. The temperature change isn’t just a reminder to get your cold-weather attire out of the closet. It should also encourage you to get ready for potential emergencies that could be caused by winter weather. Even if you live in an area that usually doesn’t get snow, there are specific things that could help you stay safer this winter. The tips below can help you prepare for the changing seasons.
Stock Up on Non-Perishable Foods
Fill your cabinets with shelf-stable foods so in case you can’t get out of the house for some reason, you won’t go hungry. Beef jerky, granola bars, applesauce, dried fruit, and nuts are several examples of foods you can stockpile for emergency situations.
Accommodate Your Outdoor Pets
In the same way winter weather can be bothersome for humans, it can also create challenges for four-legged critters. In areas where it usually doesn’t get cold enough to snow, you may still experience months of higher-than-usual rainfall. Whether your winters are snowy, rainy, cold, or all three, never forget pets that generally live outside.
Think ahead by figuring out how to reserve an area of your home for outdoor pets if needed. Baby gates can quickly create barriers that prevent curious pets from gaining access to areas of your abode that are off limits. Also, consider buying fluffy blankets or a pet bed to keep your pet as content as possible while indoors.
Get Contact Information for Elderly Neighbors
Even if you’re well prepared for the winter, the same may not be true for people in your neighborhood who are elderly. They may not be as able to get their homes ready for the colder season, and might appreciate a helping hand. You could help them by bringing heavy items down from the attic or dealing with bothersome drafts around their doors.
Go visit people in the neighborhood who may need assistance before cold weather comes. Offer at least one method they can use to contact you, and get a way to reach them, too. Keep the contact information in a safe and easily accessible place, and ask if you can add your number to their phone and use the speed dial functionality so the person does not have to worry about making mistakes while dialing.
Get Your Furnace Checked
One of the easiest ways you can be prepared this winter is to book an appointment to have your furnace serviced. A professional can make sure everything’s working as it should, and assess minor issues before they become major problems that take your heater entirely out of commission.
Consider that a furnace check could save you from dealing with unpleasant winter chills, not to mention unnecessary stress. An hour-long service call may prevent having to stay in a cold house for much longer than that, so it’s a worthy investment.
These are some of the numerous ways you can get ready for winter weather, and ensure you’re not taken by surprise if unexpected things happen. Start doing them today for welcome peace of mind.


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Get prepared friends, because its never to early to have all that you need. 

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